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Want to make a motorized mask Answered

I want to make a mask for a group project. I want to have it made of six emotion masks similar to attached image.

I want to make it be able to used a wired control to rotate to any of the given masks, and it has to be wearable. I'm not much of a craft person, but i have 6 weeks, just need to know where to start


Six different masks, set to an octagon pattern

Can you do a drawing of what you're thinking the finished project will look like? That might help determine a solution a bit easier.


6 years ago

So is it one mask that has six different expressions or is it six different masks with each mask having a fixed expression?

How complicated/expensive is this going to be?

You're going to need several servos, and a microcontroller. That's the easiest way. You could use a cable system, but remembering positions and configuration could be tricky