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Want your own factory for $2400? Answered

Article in this weeks's New Scientist - they've developed a desk-top fabricator:

The standard version of their Freeform fabricator – or "fabber" – is about the size of a microwave oven and can be assembled for around $2400 (£1200). It can generate 3D objects from plastic and various other materials. Full documentation on how to build and operate the machine, along with all the software required, are available on the Fab@Home website, and all designs, documents and software have been released for free.

Unlike commercial equipment, the Fab@Home machine is also designed to be used with more than one material. So far it has been tested with silicone, plaster, play-doh and even chocolate and icing. Different materials can also be used to make a single object – the control software prompts the user when to load new material into the machine.

Article: http://www.newscientisttech.com/article/dn10922?DCMP=NLC-nletter&nsref=

Video of it in action: http://web.mae.cornell.edu/ccsl/temp/EvanMalone/FabAtHome/SqueezeBulbDemoMovie.wmv

What would you build??


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