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What is a good COMPLETELY free mac hard drive cleaning software? Answered

Hi! I am curious because I have an iMac that is running os x Yosemite, and it has 28GB left on a 1.11TB (terabyte) hard drive.It is just over a year old, and has a fusion drive (like a hybrid drive only better). I have looked all over to find a cleaning software that is COMPLETELY free. notice I emphasize the COMPLETELY part! Can anyone help? Thanks in advance!



Best Answer 3 years ago

If you want to find a clean Mac software to clean your Mac, you can use a tool named MacClean or search in google by yourself to find a tool you want to try.


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3 years ago

Google is always a good starting place.

For programs try CNET.com and click on the download menu. I noticed they have a section for MAC. All of their software is free at least to download. Much of it is try before you buy.

There are also MAC forums that talk about problems like that.

And finally, often you get what you pay for so don't expect to much for free.

I think we have a failure to communicate. You say you want a hard drive cleaner. To most people that means your looking for software to completely erase the drive preventing people from recovering any data from the drive. Yet you mention the size of the drive and amount of free space on it. Which leads me to think your looking for software that can search the drive for junk files and free up some space for you. So which is it?

If it's the later then any free cleaner will do. Even those that are just stripped down versions of a paid for app. It may not get them all but many will identify the files and you can search them out and delete them yourself. You should probably look through the files you have on the drive and see what ones you don't need anymore (i.e. music, videos, pictures, ect.). May help to buy an external drive to move your lesser used files too.

Thank you. I took your advice and changed the question. Thank you! :)

I'd start with Mpilchfamily's Suggestion; Best place to start.

Now I'm a windows person, but the process should be similar for personal files and programs.

Open Windows explorer and go to both you "User' and "programs" Files and you can slowly trace back whats taking up the most room. Just right click and go to properties to see the size of the folders.

When you can see what is taking up the most room You can decide what is worth saving and what isn't.

**For programs PLZ uninstall them, Rather then deleting Random files. Thats a Great way to screw up your computer.