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What is hydroponics and can plants grow in carbonated water? Answered


Hydroponics is the technique of growing plants in liquid (water plus nutrients) rather than soil. Very easy with some plants, more difficult with others. For example, Pothos ("Devil's Ivy") will grow very happy without any soil on surprisingly little fertilizer. Other plants object to not having their roots supported, or need a lot more food, or both. Carbonated water is slightly acidic. Again, some plants will deal with that better than others. Swamp plants are happier with acidic water than most land plants are. If you want more detail, I'd recommend hitting an encyclopedia, a library reference desk (reference librarians _love_ helping folks look things up), or just Search The Web.. I'd bet there are a few entries here on Instructables as well...

Hey, I asked because if somone decides to look it up on ibles, they alread have an answer! Thanks anyways, kelseymh. -PKT

You're right, that was out of line. Yours was the fifth Question in a row that was a trivial Google search with an answer on the first page of hits. I still shouldn't have been so harsh. Sorry.