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What's in your money collection? Answered

I want to know what is in your money collection. Here is what in mine. I had just started getting serious about it though. Tell me what you think.

Paper Money=

- 5 Yuan from China
- 5 Dollars from Cayman Islands
- 5 Dollars from Canada
- 2 Dollars from Canada
- 1000 Dollar bill from 1922 from Germany. I got it for a dollar at a local coin store.
- 1 1935 blue seal dollar bill



- A bunch of pennies from 1979 and earlier just because they're old. A 1979, a 1978, a 1977, a 1976, a 1975, a 1974, a 1973 with a 7 stamped into it, a 1972, a 1970, a 1969, a 1967, a 1975, 1964, a 1961, a 1960.
- 10 Wheat pennies, 3 1943 steel pennies all in very good condition, a 1952, a 1941, a 1950, a 1919, a 1925, a 1910, and a 1929.
- a few souviner pennies. A Hulk, a Trump Plaza, a Hershey Park, and a Jungle Cruise.
- A 1952 wheat penny PROOF.
- 3 indian head pennies. They are all in a suprisingly (wowful) condition. A 1903, an 1888, and a 1899.


- 4 old nickels, a 1946 (So close to being a war nickel) a 1969, and a 1985 (I know, you find alot of those), and an uncirculated 1964.
- A bunch of different nickels from a series: 5 of the nickels with the boat on the back (2004), 2 of the nickels with the Shaking hands and crossing axes on the back (2004), 5 Indian Head/Bison nickels (2005), 2 Indian Head/Ocean view nickels (2005), and 3 jefferson head nickels with the original back (2006).


2 mercury dimes. 1 from 1923, in poor condition, and a 1941 in a fine or very fine condition.


- 1 Bicentennial
- 2 silver quarters, one from 1953, and one from 1941.


- 11 Sacajewaea dollars.
- 5 Susan B. Anthony
- 1 Morgan Dollar
- 2 Eisenhower dollars. One is 1972, and the other is a 1976
- 1 1961 Franklin dollar, in UNCIRCULATED condition!

Half Dollars

- 3 original half dollars, a 1971, a 1972, and a 1973


- 1 2006 5th anniversery of 911 with gold, and parts of ground zero.


- 25 cents from Bermuda
- 3 25 cents from Cayman Islands
- 1 5 cents from Cayman Islands
- 2 1 dollars from Jamaica
- 1 20 dollars from Jamaica
- 1 1 Franc from France
- 1 Unknown amount from an Unknown Country.
- 1 50 Pfennigs from Germany.
- 17 1 cents from Canada.
- 1 1 cent from The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.
- 1 1 cent from Bermuda
Please note I have not been to all of these countries.


- 1 Roooofus the Roller Roo token. (I don't know where I got it).
- 1 1972 proof set with a penny, a nickel, a dime, a quarter, and a half dollar.
- 1 Showboat Token. Worth 1 dollar
- 1 carwash token

9/6/06 Edit: As some of you might see, I had updated a few. There are lots more that either my dad gave me, or I bought from the coin store.


a wheat penny...bufalo nickel, drumming dod on the quarter..all 50 state quarters....and a 2 dollar bill. OH! And I have some European money.....from about 3 years ago....vacation.....
The rest is just paypal money (http://bux.to/?r=ehjsne anybody? I need more referals, lol!)

Too many, but I will tell you some... A few wheat pennies One $2 american dollar A few buffalo nickels 1935 pure silver quarter A few handfuls of pennies that is older than 1982. And alot of foreign coins and notes...

WOW!!! That's the oldest quarter I've ever heard of. Take a picture of it and post it here!

Also I have a state quarter book, it is nearly completed, just 5 more quarters to go and I AM DONE! Do you want to see a photo if it?


I have a state quarter book also. Sure, I will see the pic

I have a state quarter book too! 1999 - 100% completed 2000 - 100% completed 2001 - 100% completed 2002 - 100% completed 2003 - 100% completed 2004 - 100% completed 2005 - 100% completed 2006 - 100% completed 2007 - 100% completed 2008 - 0% completed :(

how? they only made 4 quarters this year. So do you mean 25%?

Anyway, they're not gonna stop making different quarters.

2009 - Territories
2010 (I THINK) - National Parks.

What the frig is next? Countries? Pieces of grass?

Grass #1
Grass # 2
Grass # 3

Anyway, I hope they don't stop after National Parks. I love being surprised by the hypnotizingly awesome designs!

Here are some ideas I'm thinking up as I go along (Also known as "Improvising" (Duh)) :

World Records (Guinness approved)
Tallest buildings

anddrum roll please

Instructable members!

I have every quarter now. In december I'm gonna go up to my local coin store for Hawaii :D

You can "lol" away if you want....

Whats wrong with me? I keep missing new comments. I didn't see this one. Oh well... Thanks!

I am having that same problem too sometimes...

It's like every batch of comments I get, at least one is missed.

Seriously I have one, but I don't know where it is, probably in my shed... Anyway, the photo below is what it would look like, much less worn down than this quarter...


Penny from Quebec in 1863? Around there somewhere. Also a silver dollar from 1969, a 50 cent piece from a little earlier. I also have these nickels that are fairly old, mind condition (they are rolled up) and I saw them on ebay for over a dollar and I have over 100 of them :P I have others and I'm gonna sell them all one day..

I have a proof Eisenhower dollar. Turns out, it's made of silver- made in 1971 though! and when you say a 50 cent peice from a little earlier, do you mean the Franklin Halves?

I have hundreds of special coins and such. My favorite is my Israeli coin.

No way, A Canadian $5 bill!?! (Sarcasm)

I have quite a few. I collect most of my common cents in coin folders. I have tons of cents ranging from the late 1800's, to 2008. I collect them in coin folders. 15 or so Mercury Dimes 3 Barber Dimes A lot of buffalo nickels Tons of wheat cents Tons of Lincoln Cents I am starting to collect Braided Hair Large Cents from 1839-1857. Tons of currency ranging from Star notes to radar notes, and the years starting from the late 1800's. Multiple Error/Variety coinage. I was actually published in an Error magazine known as CONECA. Ike Dollars Presidential Dollars Sacajawea Dollars Susan B. Anthony Dollars Morgan Dollars Tons of Quarters And some more.......

Awesome! How long have you been collecting?

Nice! Yesterday my dad let me have have his 1921 Morgan dollar.

Awesome! You should buy the Red Book for coins which is a guidebook of all coins and it gives you the approximate value of each and every one.

You can purchase the Red Book for coins here for the hardback, and here for the
spiral bound.

Y'know what? I lied, I'll wait for the 2010 to come out next year. That one is becoming more useless the closer it gets to the end of the year.

oh yeah... I was right the first time... I have fooled myself once. Please cut off my right arm (not my left, I'm a lefty :D)

I know this is a late response but there are a couple I haven't heard of. Barber dimes braided hair large cents Ike dollars

me still broke

Thanks to a lack of attention when shopping, I recently found an East Caribbean States dollar coin in my pocket. It's the same size and colour as a 50p piece, and has the same royal portrait, but it has ten sides, not seven.