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Where can I get the material for a CB radio, microphone and all? Answered

Hopefully from other than radioshack, and for less than 100USD in all.


yard sales.

even if not working, most are an easy fix. Quite often they have been hooked up to the power wrong and a diode is blown.

But I have found working CBs for less than $10.

Buy a complete kit via Ebay.
If you were seriously thinking about building one from scratch (?) - old electronics, like radios, stereos, TVs.


Can we take away the obvious?

No, I dont plan on building one from scratch. If I was going to, I'd make it HAM, and at least have a permit first.

Also, is there a specific supplier from Ebay?

When I searched there were a lot for sale and easy to find. There may be regular vendors, but see what suits you. Take away the obvious and you're getting into some bizarre answers like stealing from trucks...


I was just wondering if you knew a good supplier to buy from.


For new it would depend upon where you lived, for Ebay, you look at the vendors feedback. You'd know as well as the rest of us I'd think?


Gee, I kinda thought you were asking about building one from scratch also.

Here's a great place to start looking at cb equipment.  Priced pretty good and they've got a beginners corner.  Ebay might be a good place to look if you know what you are looking for.