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Where can SCR's be found in Australia? Answered

I'm looking for some scr's (silicon controlled rectifiers) in australia but have so far been unable to locate any local suppliers. I'm using them *naturally* to switch the power for a multistage coilgun. So far i have been using high rated microswitches, but they are constantly failing and i've heard scr's provide the power quicker and more efficently.

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Have you considered using Power Mostfets? And are you providing back EMF protection?(Inductors generate a nasty backlash when turned off....they are the analog to a flywheel and can't just stop dead...)

erm no i haven't considered them yet :) ill look into it,. are newark and altronics online stores?

Actually, I think Steve had a better answer. either discrete thyristors IGBTs will have a far faster switching speed and are a better choice overall

I've successfully used HexFets for a similar purpose (3KHz spark ignitor using an automobile coil - essentially a plasma generator) but that was around the time that IGBTs were just coming online as a cost effective "packaged" solution and I had no time to do any experimenting...

whatever you use, over do it a little on the voltage rating. I think that's where most people get into trouble. Specify it to close to your operating voltage and back EMF becomes an IC killer.

International Rectifier has a lot of good resource material to download for learning if you're interested, in case that helps at all. App notes and technical papers are thorough and can be used no matter whose product you choose to use for the project.

Try looking for thyristors instead. The thyraTRON is a VERY fast switch compared even to a thyristor by the way.

Hmm, i've looked for thyristors as well with no luck. Never heard of a thyratron... but will do. Thanks :)

At Jaycar and Dick Smith stores. They usually stock them

yea i've looked in both and i haven't found any... unless i'm not doing something right, but i'll check again, hope ur rite :)