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Where to buy cubicle walls? Answered

I am looking for dividers for my knex/computer room (It's huge)
The only ones I have seen have cost over 300$,
and I was hoping for something much cheaper.

Any ideas?

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I found some at my local re-store,
10$ each.
2 foot panels...


Build 'em yourself? Lumber frame, fabric stretched over it...

I thought that would be a possibility. I never thought of fabric, but that would be great. Can you make a sketchup/drawing of your idea, as I'm sure it's different from what I have in my mind.

Hardly needs a drawing. Frame out a 5' square in dimensional lumber (1x4's would be overkill, but would probably be my choice), using whatever corner joints you like (plates, brackets, lap joints, mortise-and-tenion, router-cut door joints...). Obtain two fabric squares a bit greater than 5'x5'. Wrap each side of lumber square in one of those, stapling into place -- basically, an upholstering job, minus stuffing. On the second one, tuck excess cloth under before stapling to get a clean edge. That yields a visual barrier. If you just want to divide space, that's all you need. If you want some sound barrier as well, then before covering cut and insert a suitable-sized square of foam insulation board (generally available from the same lumberyard, in 4x8 sheets). That also gives you something to shove pushpins into, if you want to use the partition surface to hold notes/pictures/whatever. Making the panel stand upright: Connect to adjacent panels at right angles (L-brackets or something similar), or add feet, or both. Haven't checked materials prices, but this certainly should be cheaper. You lose the easy-reconfiguration and power-carrying features, of course. One WARNING: This may be less fire-resistant than the commercial panels (though fire-resistant insulation may help in that regard). Think about what you're using it next to and whether that's acceptable... and if in a commercial space, you probably want to check whether it will pass fire code. For home use, I don't think it's really more dangerous than any other upholstered furnishings or curtains, assuming you don't use extremely flammable fabric. (Natural fibers are probably a better choice than plastics, in that regard.) If you build it, please let me know how it works out. Might be worth doing an Instructable. (I still have to learn to _document_ my projects if I ever want to post 'em.)

Have you checked out the Government surplus sales sites? They often have office stuff cheap. There is a site in Auburn, WA (about four hours south of you), that has regular sales on office furniture. Boeing surplus has occasional sales also (again a few hours south for you).

It's going to be very difficult to find these cheap. Even very old cubicle walls resell for pretty high value. You should check craigslist and your local recycle stores, but again...they will not be cheap. I would guess that building your own (and making them look nice) isn't going to save you much. The materials will add up quickly.

More than 365$ US plus shipping to Canada per 5'x5' wall?

oder them online Note: it will cost an arm and a leg