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Which Boost/buck converter? LTC3780 vs LM2577S LM2596S Answered

Hi, brought two boost buck converters to build a bench power supply from a atx psu.  Brought the LM version first as i have read previously that these are quite efficient, then seen the LTC one, so thought i might as well buy that as well. 
Looks like the LTC board will be able to go down to lower voltages and appears to have a greater efficiency, quoted up too 98%, compared with the LM's at around 80%. Thou i understand that with adjustments changes efficncey. 
LM2577S LM2596S


Which one do you think i should use?



I don't think as I don't have the information required to tell you which one is better suited for your needs.

Cheers, i've decided to look the chips up online and compare, once i've got my head around it, a little rusty on the subject.

I mean they both do what they should, so IMHO it all depends on your usage and needs.
Since you use an ATX an no batteries I guess it does not really matter much either way.

Yeah was just looking to see which one had the better amp and volt handling and efficieny.

That's where the datasheets come into place.
Also keep in mind that the best efficiency is not always throughout the entire range of regulation.

Yeah i did note that in my original post, i think the more it has to transfer volts to amps and vice versa the less ideal!