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Which is better K'nex or legos? Answered

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Best Answer 8 years ago

Legos can make more "solid" things. They can also make for more complex weapons. K'nex are easier to use and will make for better functioning weapons. Overall I'd say Legos are much better but I prefer making weapons so I only build with K'nex.

Neither, Meccanno rules.

Meccano may make many different things but there is not a set of x number of pieces that together make everything like knex does. With Meccano you must have the right custom pieces to build anything.

Errr. Have you ever actually used meccano ?

It certainly sounds like not.

There aren't ANY "custom pieces" in anything but the smallest children's introductory sets, where they are chasing the Lego and Knex markets.


Hey you don't like either of them thats cool, I want to know more about Meccanno. If you want subscribe thanks for your time.

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I know that i don't need you to tell me, i'm sorry but i can do what i want you cannot just tell me what to do, i'm not trying to sound mean but i can do what i want on here and if you do not like it then don't comment.

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and it's about making stuff and telling people (or robots) how

It's Lego.
And it depends what for.


I really like lego beacause you can make a lot of cool things, i'm not saying legos are the best but K'nex are cool for making the huge rollercoaster. Those are nice, well thanks for your opinion subscribe to me please.

Firstly, it's Knex, not Knexs.

And secondly, what makes you think that Knex cannot do that microtome?

DId I say Knex could do those? No. So shut your pie hole.

Sorry for butting in, I just felt the urge to present two videos on how Lego is a bit more advanced than K'nex.

Yes the s was deliberate as in "it's Lego, not legos".
Technic Lego is designed for machines, it's much better for complex and compact gear-trains, and other mechanisms. Locking of Lego can be much more substantial, depending upon how you do it, and you can enclose space much more easily etc. Depends what you want to make.


There really is no better option as a whole. K'NEX are good for some things, and LEGOs are better for others. Although, with the advent of K'NEX Bricks, they can be creatively mixed together. As "TheDunkis" stated, yes. LEGOs can make more solid things, however, you can be more creative I think with K'NEX. Plus, K'NEX are a heck of a lot cheaper, I was looking in a catalog and was simply amazed at how expensive the LEGOs were.

i have both and i like the knex more simple because they are stronger and dont break as easy but legos a still pretty cool

Knex are the best for guns, they hold up the best structurally, but legos are better for everything else.


8 years ago

 for detail use legos but for strength and simplicity use knex

what kind? if your talking about brick legos,knex rule baby. if your talking about lego techinics, dude knex dosnt have a chance.

Thanks for telling me what your opinion is, i'm going for K'nex now. Hey if you want subscribe please.

Legos are more versatile and you can make more stuff with them, but I like knex because the guns you can make with them are awesome.

ya I like making the k'nex guns and the rollercoasters, lego make the things u make look better because of all the colors. Well thanks for your opinion subscribe please.