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Who here Plays SECOND LIFE? Answered

I was just wondering wether anyone on instructables played Second life? i play it but not all the time as i have exams now, i am quite rich on SL so if u play and want to get some easy money!! either post a comment below or contact me in SL My SL name is - Smart Tabak Please comment!! p.s. if u dont play u should coz its free and fun!


yea i love the game i used to play and now i play again now that alot of my brony friends are on my sl sn is violetkitty resident add me

I'm ORK in Second Life))


Yeah I LOVE Second Life. You can be incredibly creative in it, designing castles, clothes, avatars, literally anything. You can be a stripper, RP being a vampire lord, anything your mind can imagine! Some people earn REAL LIFE MONEY on SL selling all sorts of items they create or writing computer language for the objects within the game. This is called "scripting" and my buddy actually earns twice as much scripting in SL than he does in RL. He has gone on to create a RL office of scripters who do soley SL scripting, charging around $20 per hour or more. SL is as creative (or boring) as you want it to be but if you want to explore a GLOBAL virtual environment, meet people from all over the world, go clubbing without leaving your home, listen to live events or music from around the planet, then Second Life is for you! Contact me as the avatar "DaddyBootz" if you want some help or a lesson once you create your account. Best wishes to all!

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Hey is anyone else logging in points to win free prizes from the Mystic Oracle Slot Machine.https://play.google.com/store/search?q=mystic+oracle+slot+machine&c=apps ? I am no expert at playing slots but this doesn't seem like gambling to me. It's a free game where you just keep winning points. I don't know how many points I need to win big prizes but I'm setting up an account so I can play online too (games.maars.net).

A buddy of mine earned points and won a free ipod as a prize. I'll try to find out from him how many points he used to win an ipod but I'm sure to win a free Caribbean cruise for 2 prize is much more points. He should have saved his slot machine points for something bigger than a free ipod.

I just downloaded the game too, nice looking and realistic slot game

ah, im still addicted to runescape! and probably, in a few years, i will look back and realize that i wasted (right now the counters at 29 days) of my life, then again though, it gave me a good 29 days with my freinds, and overall, since im young, good investment,rather waste time but be happy than not waste time but be sad! =D

This Mmorpg is so special, that it ruined a marriage lol. A wife caught her husband initiating gay sex online in the game. A divorce case soon followed.

Nah thanks mate, I got hooked on a MMORPG already and I aint doin' it again.

And what MMORPG was that?

Don't worry, every teen has played it at least once. It's a vicious cycle: 1) Your friends invite you to play, but you see it as a low graphics pointless game. 2) A few weeks later, you go to the site as a curiosity. But nothing yet. 3) You tell your friends you're gona sign up, and you make an account. Your friends teach you the basics. 4) You play along with your friends for a couple of weeks. 5) They start getting bored of it, while you are addicted. 6) Your friends left the game, but you still play. 7) You get bored of it and leave for 2 months. 9) You return and get hooked again. Since you're alone, you invite new friends to play. The cycle goes on, and they do the same. 10) You grow up and realize you wasted precious months of your life. Go away, find a new MMORPG and start over. 3rd time's the charm!

omg keith-kid that's such an accurate and true-est thing! I'm luckily not addicted anymore (whew) but I have bigger things I'm addicted to (metal gear solid). plus when I get a better computer :second life and garrys mod all the way!

It happened like this for me: 1) Pseudo friend mentions it, I check it out 2) Go away for a week and come up with username I can use for a long time (Leauweag) 3) PLay, figure some stuff out 4) Get KO'ed by demon, get pissed, dont play for a month. 5) Beat all free quests, get membership and play 6 hours a day for 6 months. 6) Get in serious trouble, semi-quite 7) Stump around doing nothing cept ibles.

ill admit it I've played I have one 30 something 3 noob accounts and my main was chicken2209 who is like 70 somethin with member access, but of course not anymore Jeopardy moment: the name chicken2209 came from runescape

I was level 78, and I had like 150 quest points... If I ever have time to burn in the far misty reaches of the future, I might play it again now that they've got full screen HD

I played runescape, i was really bad though, all i did was run around in wilderness and pick up stuff

wildy noob :P if i had a ton of time to kill, i'd play again ESPECIALLY with full screen HD. BUt since i dont... ALTITUDE FTW



I tried it but it is too confusing for me and i did not like it very much.

I do. Bootleg bounty I believe his name is.

I do. Derbin Martian. check it out.