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Why use a lag switch? do they really work? what games can you use them on? can you get banned? Answered

I'm guessing you can't get banned due to the fact that they have no way of proving you don't "have a faultly internet connection" and I know it's cheating. I'm just so curious to why other people use it.



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For online gaming you connect to a remote server, lag switches interrupt data flow between yourself & the server. If you use lag to stop sending your data briefly, as far as anyone else is concerned you don't do anything for a few seconds (because what you're actually doing hasn't been sent to the server). Lag-off and the thing catches-up, but you've had time to move somewhere and do something while appearing to have been "frozen". It has cheat advantages, e.g other gamers can't see which direction you're moving in until you've done it already.


You keep beating me to it - exactly right.

"can they tell you did it and ban you" - yes.  If the game notices too much packetloss at inopportune times, or if the game/server detect there are other network altering programs installed you can/will get banned. 

Yes, some packetloss is normal - but when it happens often then you get flagged.

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People use them to get back at other players when they use them and its to gain an advantage when you can't match up to the players that have time to play 24/7. They finally level the playing field. Lag Switches Plus is a good company to purchase one from at www.lagswitchesplus.com. I bought one and still use it.