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Wooden pallets turned into modular furniture Answered

Swiss designer Sibylle Stoeckl takes the boring old shipping pallet and turns it into a modular piece that can be used in some novel ways such as the big wheel below. 

While the wood in the pallets is not exactly furniture grade the combinations that can be made are pretty cool and it's always fun to see what people can do with something that would otherwise get tossed out.



Deek D

8 years ago

Great wall hanging for some uber-hip restaurant....

Author of "Humble Homes, Simple Shacks..."



That'd be a great outdoor seating thing with a table or a tree in the middle!

It'd also make a GREAT TV Storage Unit! Just hang the TV in the middle and fill the pallets with shelves and then put your DVD player and other living room accessories (like books candles and vases ect.) on there too! =] With some contemporary black furniture, multicolored accessories, a white area rug and white walls it would be STUNNING! <3

If you took each of the coloured sections and put some legs of them they would make nice outdoor tables, good for putting a drink or plate down on at parties

 ha ha use 150 of these each winter to run a log burner ,Broken pallets + free heating and also timber to make fence panels shed panelling etc go buy a gorilla bar 

 I love the colors that were used. Very pretty!


8 years ago

ever try to take one of these apart?  virtually impossible.  they use 4" long spiral nails to attach the planks to the spacer blocks. you need a good-sized crowbar to remove them, after you gain access to the nail head by digging for it.  on the linked page, they show what looks like planed or sanded boards.  she must have a gang of gorillas taking these things apart.

on the other hand, most pallettes (or skids) are made of hardwood, and if they were made in south america, the lumber used might be some exotic species with great grain. all palletes, however, pretty much use stright grain, knot-free wood.

My first thought was if laid down the middle filled with sand would make a cool sandbox for kids.  Or even a bench seating to go around a big tree so you can sit in the shade. 

 they are not even half a foot high you know right?

I met a guy who bragged that these pallets made great storage bases for firewood. Him and his friends would take all we had every fall.

That could even be functional too, if lowered down flat with a study base to it :-) You'd need a coat of something clear on it though to prevent splinters ...