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Would an animated avatar be annoying? Answered

I was considering using an animated gif from one of my Instructables as an avatar but then thought it might be annoying.  What do you guys think?  Is there a policy on the avatars?  Gif below.  Feel free to tell me that people who use animated avatars should go drink castor oil. ;)


To answer your three questions in order.


I hate it.


There have been users with animated avatars in the past; not one has been not annoying :-/

If I read between the lines it sounds like your ambivalent to animated avatars, right? ;) Thanks for the input.

I've set my avatar to the gif and tested it out and it looks like it's not animated anywhere. Which is too bad but I suppose it prevents me from being stabbed with a blunt fork by an irate Instructables user. It would be fun if the avatar was animated on my profile page.

No problem :-) Most of this site's code was written by the I'bles staff over the years, and different "features" keep changing. Animated avatars used to work in the past, and I always found them annoying. I see you're right that they don't work now. Maybe they will again in the future :-/

I believe it will only animate on your Orange page, so it makes no real difference...

I don't think animated gifs work when used as a member image. The site is wonky enough in just trying to load the homepage.