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Xbox 360 (edited) Answered

So I got an xbox 360 elite for Christmas.  I set up my xbox live account and already have 75 gamerscore lol.

My xbox 360 gamertag is "InvariantMedal".  I'm not a serious player, but I am decent at games when I master their controls.

I'll post pictures of my xbox setup in my den later on.  Maybe tomorrow.  What's your setup look like?  

*EDIT- 3/18/10*  Don't expect to see me on live for a while.  Some asshole broke into my house and stole my 360 and other game consoles.  I did manage to get 2615 gamerscore before my 360 got stolen.



Xbox = XP I prefer PS3, free online gaming, but thats my opinion.
Got Halo3 (ODST) yet?

Why? You have Halo 2, which is actually WORSE (Flood can explode) than CoDMW2 or H3ODST. Oh, and sorry about the late reply.

Well I bought halo 2 at office depot, where they don't tell my mom the ratings of the game. 

same here, can't wait until july 17, then I will be 16 and can get R16 games without parental consent (like that'l ever happen)

I have played both Halo3 and MW2, they are both great games, I prefer MW2, It feels more realistic. But Halo is much funner

In America, stores won't sell you M rated games unless you have a parent or you are 17 years old.

not if you buy them used, ive boughten like 20 rated m games before and im only 12 lol

And you live in the UK right?  In the US, game stores don't let you buy M rated games if you are under 17 without a parent/guardian.

no i live in the us and my parents were on the other side of the store lol so they didnt think i had parents

What does M mean? Is it an equivalent to a 15 or an 18 in England?

wow suckage, I can buy M rated games even though I am 15, Modern warfare 2 is awsome, my mate came over and we spent about 12 hours playing =P

Actually, I think there is only one store that lets minors buy M rated games, but it only has halo 1 and halo 2 for the PC, no console games.

I agree halo is funner, all of em are.  The original halo has the best pistol ever seen in FPS history.  Kills enemies in multiplayer in 3 headshots.

there are alot of other games where 1 pistol headshot = dead. the thing I like about halo is the versitile game modes, like zombies. But mw2 has a much better selection of weapons.

True, but most of those pistols don't get the range of the halo 1 pistol.  I have an FPS game where a pistol headshot=dead, its range sucks.

Oh and it hasn't been used against shielded enemies, hasn't it?  A headshot from the halo 1 pistol on a grunty or jackal=dead.  Same thing for a hunter's back.

true, but why not just play halo 3 yeam swat, no sheilds, starting weapons are br and magnum, headshot = dead.

Why did they remove the scope? It was awesome sniping grunts!

Actually, I could think of the major mayhem caused with 2 halo 1 pistols.  You could send 3 rounds to the head on one guy then 3 rounds to the other guy behind him with the other pistol.


PS3 is waaaaaay better STOP  End of story STOP

LOL, Idunno... LBP, Infamous, Ratchet and Clank (All of them), Uncharted 2, etc.

I'm friending you, I don't have any gamerscore, since I made a new LIVE account(My other has 2175). My tag is A Killer Pie.


8 years ago

hay my gamertag is (Killer Luke96) and i have a gamerscore of 1150.

PS.  I am a beast at halo 3

Fine, since I'm already playing I'll add you.  I currently have 1725 gamerscore loool.


8 years ago

I might add u to my xbox live my gamer tags AznSkittles if u are wondering who that is.(just got my xbox live back and i never play it without it so thats why I have a low gamer score.)

Me too! But my dad won't budge about putting a modem in the basement. He's afraid we'll start losing channels, so I have no way of getting Xbox Live.

Tell him that you won't lose channels lol.  Or move it to your room.  My xbox and Tv are right next to my computer lol

I don't have a TV in my room, and he still doesn't want another cable splitter. I tried to find a double-port modem and grab a wireless ethernet transmitter/receiver, but high-speed(my internet connection is 100mbps) ones cost a ton. Plus we get one-port high-speed modems for free from Comcast, so I asked them, and they said that I can only get single ports. Oh yeah, and I'm pretty sure I can't put a router on my VERY sucky computer.

Do you have wifi at the house?  If so, buy the wifi extender they make for the 360.

I'm getting Wifi and an adapter. When I get hooked up, I'll request you.

Well, sometimes I can use an unlocked router that occasionally pops up, but like I said, my computer would probably blow up if I tried to hook a wireless router(the thing that creates wifi hotspots).

My setup = Xbox, internet modem and a TV, nothing special.

1v1 MW2? :D

If I win you have to leave 'Ibles forever, if you win I have to leave 'Ibles forever.