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adamsdead shotgun 2.0 Answered

here all all the mods i made for the adamsdead shotgun. way better hopper that holds 20 blue rods and does not jam. extended pump good sight and some what of a handle two bendy yellow rod to make the gun look more like a shotgun.


I made your hopper and it jammed like hell so I had to make my own hopper

Looks like you posted this forum when you still spelled pieces "peaces"


10 years ago

i made what could be called the adamsdead shotgun 3.0 i strenthened the ramrod so now it has the power of a medeoker sniper and looks like a combat shotgun. I will post it when i get time soon


10 years ago

Looks nice. Did you by any chance run out of green connectors on the stock?

is the adamsdead shotguh any good?

I made an instructable on a better hopper it never jams. [http://I made an instructable on a better hopper it never jams. Check it out Check it out]

dont put "made by fresh94" in your title. he only made the instructable.

can u PLEASE POST A CLOSE UP OF THE HOPPER!!!!!!!!!!! I hate the hopper 2 on the shotgun. btw im unitarian is that close enogh to christain for u to nat hate me?

i dont hate anybody(except people who hate me)! i will post a close up of the hopper. i am sick right now so probely tomorrow. is that ok?

Yeha just post a close up of the hopper and maybe the handle then ishould be fine. The hopper is really horrible on the shotgun as it is.

Sweet ( I modded mine so many times it eventually looked like a spaz12) though it had a better handle better power better Non-flimsyocity (lol) and other things aswell.

WooT spas-12 its spas not spaz Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun

Didn't you make that mistake, and someone told you what you just said?

yea i origanaly added the scope to stop the gun form bending.

Before you modded it it was still a good gun right?