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amazing packing peanuts Answered

I was thinking I could do a conversation about this under my instructable and I probably will but maybe I can get different feed back from here but I guess you would need to check my instructable first to really know what I am talking about unless you are some one who is also sticking organic packing peanuts as an art media.


AND I would love so much to here from some one doing the same stuff because I have yet to hear of any one else doing this or even if I could start to hear of people starting to do this would be cool.


Nice! I gotta try them as a material someday.

Neat use for those packing peanuts. Never knew they melted in water, I'll have to lick one in the next box I open. Followed by making some sort of animal/gargoyle/something. Does this only work for the "organic" packing peanuts?

As far as your pictures go, try to find the macro function (flower icon) so you can focus that close to the object (as mentioned in your 'ible). OR...stand back, hold the camera steady, focus and take the picture. Use the higher resolution, that way you can crop the image -or- we can blow up the image (zoom in) to see the details. Either way, you need to get the object in focus, it's no use to show us what you're talking about if we can't see it.

Sorry for the VERY late reply but yes it ONLY works with the organic as I said but ACTUALLY it is any biodegradable which I believe are mostly if not all organic I'm not completely sure I will update my instructables or hope to do so soon!

I'm sorry could you send a link to the presentation it helped in I would love to see your creation you made!

That was a SPAM message. You didn't post any kind of video that I could see in your I'ble, and the URL (link) posted links to a cult.