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can i make a transparent cellphone case by myself ? can i ? Answered

i want to make a transarent cell phone case .....help me!



2 years ago

Scotty on a Star Trek movie explained how to make transparent aluminum....

You will need that to see into the cellphone.. The aluminum is necessary because it is used to cool the hot IC integrated circuit CPU central processing unit....

How would we know if you can?
What is your level of experience?
What materials do you want to use?
How sturdy does it need to be?
Why are so many people asking questions without providing any vital details at all?

In short: you can if you have the right skillset and materials at hand.

Do you mean a replacement for the current case or an external case to what you have?

Either way pretty much the simplest and possibly the only option to the average DIYist is Vacuum forming. Clear film is available in various thickness, You will need to make a form to mould over and possibly manufacture a machine to do the vac form (not that hard)

Other then that your limited to using clear acrylic and gluing up a case, corners can be rounded with normal hand tools and then polished but a lot of work needed.