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can i use 45 watt cfl inverter which has(12 volt battery with 7.5 amp) to charge my car battery of 12 volt 35 amp? Answered


Not really.

You will need to charge your battery - I assume SLA at around 2 amps for 14 hours.

Your driving battery is going to be very flat before then.

does that 35 amp car battery would work to power cfl or it will damage cfl due to more current

Where are you getting 35Amps from. The car battery may be rated at 35Ah (Amp hours). See power sources don't push out amps. The circuit attached to the power source draws the amperage it needs. So the cfl will only pull what it needs from the power source.

BTW Amp Hours is a rating of how much current the battery can supply over a 20 hour period before dieing.