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connect to a mini switch to LED Answered

I hooked up a 5 mm LED to a mini push button on-off switch. However, when it is in the off position the color is still bleeding through. Could this be because the LED is too strong for the switch? I am powering it with a CR2032 coin cell battery. 


Not sure what you mean by color bleeding through - is the LED still dimly lit or is it just the room lights going through the LED to make it appear as lit up? If you are using one of those tiny tactile switches, there may be 4 posts to connect to, you have to figure out which ones are internally connected and the circuit will always be "on" if you wired it incorrectly. Other than that, you may have something shorting out like wires touching or just a bad switch.

Ive had this problem before... It was residual voltage bleeding across the legs of a cheap switch.. try putting a diode across the + and - legs of the switch.. the stripe on the diode goes towards the positive side... helped me out

Great thank you so much for the advice - where do you buy your switches?


5 years ago

The picture is how I have it wired. It isn't light coming through from the room.. some of them are so bad the color LED comes through brightly


Can't tell a thing from your picture. Is it an illuminated switch? Judging by the number of legs on the switch it may be double pole for two circuits. Is the object in front your LED? How are things hooked up, maybe you can draw a simple diagram.

It is a DPDT switch: the bottom 3 are not in use, the top left to the battery pack and the middle is connected to the LED(+). And it is not illuminated.

hook up the wires to a different set of contacts to see if your switch is bad.