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fav sports Answered

hey guys list ur fav sport right here!!
mine is..........FOOTBALL!!!


Badminton FTW!

I like to play football and table-tennis.

That is certainly more interesting to watch then USA football, for sure

american football rocks if you dont like watching it fine (i dont really like watching it either ) but have u played it? you gotta try before you knock it

Yeah, with all that equipment on, and they still get hurt badly. Ah well, yes, I have played a bit of football (in my day) and to be honest, I don't watch any sport except to pick up tips now and then (bowling, 9 ball, chess). They bore me if I am not participating.

me too i dont really watch sports much i enjoy playing sports though ive only played two years so far and i have bad knees and ankles lol

I played a little soccer too in H.S. but found out I was severely unco-ordinated....was on the gymnastic team for a bit too, since there was less "co-ordinated team effort" in it. That didn't work out so well either

i played soccer in middle school but wasnt very good ive tried tennis and was pretty good then i found football and never looked back lol

The "one time": I played a bit of football, I kind of lucked out as a receiver, since I could out run EVERYONE in my class....the last play they just had me sprint, turn and look for the oncoming ball.....and miraculously I caught it LOL . But I really am very un-co-ordinated in the sports world, and even had troubles on my main event in gymnastics; the rings, with every move except muscle moves (although I never master any crosses).

lol im on the d-line my favorite position is defensive end

airsoft,hunting,fishing,mountain biking,6man football, random stuff with my best friend akmost anything that has contact in it

Basketball, Football, and pretty much anything and everything that involves running, nets, and some action. Lol, "full contact chess" that's funny I think i'd like to play that since i like chess too.


6 years ago

Airsoft, Urban Exploration, Hunting, Bike riding.

B' ball

^supposed to be a basketball :P

what type of defence do you guys run? we run a 3-5-3 looks like you are a 5-3-3

o no we have 11 guys defence and offence and i barlery rember this cause it was last year this year has taken over


6 years ago


no! FOOTBALL LIKE A BOSS!!! (baseball way to slow paced, just for people that don't have the guts to play football)

How do you define "sport"? Some may include mental games like Chess (I know I would :-)

like the bacic sports that everybody knows like football basketball soccor and baseball well in america

In school I started to like soccer but I was, as they say in my area, physically doplick. At least when I had to run and kick at the same time :-) despite a bit of asthma, I was good at sprinting, so I liked some track and field events. And I was a gymnast for a short period of time, so I like gymnastics (my event was the rings). I never got into "watching" sports much. If I couldn't participate, I wasn't so interested

I like full contact chess.

My bf and I play it. If I take a piece, I punch him in the arm.

Hey that gives me an idea of a way to teach my wife how to play chess (no, not by hitting her when she looses a piece.....maybe a reward for making a good move ;-)

football, i like hitting people on defence, and i play quarterback on offence

Basketball...and football since those are the only two sports I am good at!