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funnel-thingee? Answered

just a thought, but what if you added a sort of a funnel to the windward side of the box that holds the belt? Could that allow a single windbelt to get more power out of less wind? Of course that would also make it more susceptible being to torn apart by a strong wind, speaking of which, has anyone thought of some sort of safety mechanism that would keep it from coming apart like galloping gertie? p.s. has anyone thought about the dynamics of the belt itself? Does a wider belt vibrate more? How about length, is longer better, or do you eventually reach a point where adding length has a nominal effect on the power generation? What about power storage? Couldn't you have it charge a battery, like solar cells do, and then use some sort of power inversion out of that? And by what method is the magnet attached to the belt? What about guitar pickups? I mean a single metallic wire as the belt and the box around it containing some sort of magnet/coil setup. Is that too inefficient, or could something like that be done? Because that might be able to withstand greater wind forces, although a cylindrical belt wouldn't work as well as a flat one.... I think that's all for now. Sorry to ask so many questions, but this idea really interested me.


. The funnel should work. Might help to add straightening vanes to provide more laminar flow to the belt - maybe not. . If you're using a rotator, it should be pretty easy to turn the belt out of the wind when the output becomes too great. . The physics of the belt should be very similar to that of vibrating strings. Searching for "Tacoma Narrows Bridge +failure" or "Galloping Gertie" might lead you to some info on vibrating bands/belts. . I'm guessing that bigger is better until you reach the physical limits of your belt material. For one, it provides more surface area which means more power available. . Storage would be the same as for any other electrical alternator. You'll need to rectify the output before sending it to batteries. . Not sure what they use to attach the magnet, but epoxy should work. . Not sure that guitar pickups would work (may or may not have enough turns), but as far as I know a coil is a coil is a coil. Pickups are usually wound with very light gauge wire, but that shouldn't be a limiting factor with a small belt. Try it and see. . . Some guy that has been doing serious experiments with windbelts has posted some info on Ibles. If you haven't seen it already, do a search. He was talking about selling a kit, but I don't know if it's available yet.

I haven't done any research on it.
I bought all the stuff to build one, but haven't gotten around to it either =/
Eventually, maybe? Hopefully. I'm stuck on having no frame I think. Anyone have good ideas for cheap easy to make frames?