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help with bluetooth remote? Answered

hi i need a small bluetooth remote about the width of a penny and max 1 inch tall it only needs to have 1 button so it can send out a signal to a computer and turn it off or something like that i already have the program that can take the signal and turn it off but i need a tiny remote to trigger it 


there is a product that works on infrared by 10bucks that does that. when you are near the computer it unlocks and when you go away the computer locks. to install it all you need is to plug a pendrive to your computer and the emmiter, which is the size of a about 8 coins in a pile, has a keychain to lock it where you want.
intead of bluetooth you can use this, which is cheaper and better, becouse you don't have to press any button, just go away.

They don't make Bluetooth remotes that small and with only a single button. You may have to go with a different solution.

They don't sell this product anymore but a few years ago i got this remote multifunction panel from Logisys. Here is a review of it.

It offered a fan speed controller, 2 analog temp gauges, 2 USB ports and a fire wire port. But the reason i purchased it was for its ability to turn the PC on and off with a Remote. It uses a 2 button RF remote. The card came with a special motherboard power cable to connect between the motherboard 24pin connector and the PSU's 24 pin connector. It also required you to plug the case's power and reset button into the panel and then a set of wires from the panel to the power and reset pins on the motherboard. When you hit the power button on the remote the panel activates a relay to power on the PC. Same with the reset. Of course if you hit the power button why the PC is on it powers off the PC without letting windows properly shut down.

I still have most of the parts from the panel and plan to use the remote and relay circuit in connection with an Arduino in a future project.