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how can you make an knex gun automatic without the use of a motor, like a hand held machine gun? Answered

you have a gun that looks like a MG but only shoots once when you pull the trigger. how is it possible to make it completely automatic, without any type of motor or mechanism that you have to rotate around, like those two hand held ones. just pull the trigger and barrage of bullets come out. Many have tried and been close but not succeeded.


I made one that requires no motors. If you want to see it type https://www.instructables.com/id/Automatic-Knex-Pistol/

You need a motor BUT you can make a knex one

You seem to be new to the site so WELCOME. As for your question, like I am Canadian said, we are still waiting for powerful semi-auto mechanisms.

i can think of several ways, however, im not sure if i want to say them cause others might claim them as their own idea. not saying you would, but i can never be sure. sorry i can tell you this, a lot of full auto guns out there without a motor shoot rubberbands. try something like that out. you put them on a white connector, and make sure that the trigger stops it from moving when you have it loaded. when you pull the trigger, it should shoot all the rubber bands.

Let me clarify; you were saying that you were afraid of other people stealing your idea, so you don't want to post it. I hate to say it, but a few thousand (I don't know the exact amount, so don't criticize me) people on Instructables aren't afraid of people stealing their ideas.

That's a pretty good idea, you should go with that. I also have some "secret" projects going on right now. One I almost have a breakthrough on. It's been in my head since February. But yea, you can trust me, I have a guilty conscience and I think it's pretty low if you steal someones idea. I feel better if I have a success that I invented. You can PM me if you want to know my breakthrough project. Good luck with your idea!

thnx! ill send you a pm if you want to collaberate on this!

i am thinking a grey 1 slot connector on the chain/wheel holder and a sear like trigger to hold the rod from moving and when you pull the trigger the band that is on the grey connector will rotate the rod and shoot the things

i am working on one right now but i dont have a trigger yet. I will try to post a video if you want

Can there be an idea where you could use a spring

just use shell ejection. the shell is just a micro gun with bullet inside. put some of tem in a mag and make a mechanism to it.


8 years ago

With the use of gears. If you use a half moon connector. You can make it so that when the ram hits a certain point, it is released.

Im making one, but it requires a motor and you need to learn physics,a dn ill pm you the lesson

i hae started an idea, but i need crazy glue.

do you mean NO motor or just no motor you have to turn on to fire because i have an idea.

Super awsome, works well, fully automatic mg that requires zero motors only rubber bands and is coming to instructables in july so i can get it completed. (Still a prototype)