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how do i dye white paracord a different color? Answered



5 years ago

Use white paracord, clean it and wash it before dying it. Set a pot in the stove with enough water to cover the paracord, once is hot (not boiling) mix a small amount of dye until it's fully dissolved, then put the paracord in the pot and mix while the water boils. It's better to use few dye because it's easier to get the tone you want rather than use a lot of color and mess it up. The longer you let the paracord in the dying solution the brighter the color gets. Once you get the desired color wash the paracord with cold water and let it dry IN THE SHADOW OR INDOORS (personal experience). Depending on the quality of the dye you use, it will last at least one or two years after decoloration appears. Hope it helps!


Pick a dye suitable for nylon. It may not be totally perminant