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how much does it cost to go pro on instructables? Answered



There's a button at the bottom right of every page that says: Go Pro

Click on that and you can see pricing.

Wouldn't it be nice if they had FAQs and pricing stated clearly. I am still searching for it. Not on this page, for example.

Why does there need to be a FAQ? Like I said, you can go to the page that tells you the exact pricing and what you get:


And if you want, you can compare that to another page that has a very similar spreadsheet with even more stuff.


Is there something missing from these pages that you're looking for? If there is please ask, but you need to be specific about what exactly you want to know.

Just a dose of awesomeness.

If you publish a project that is worth featuring, you earn a 3-month pro membership.

Win a contest prize, and it usually includes a ful year's membership.


7 years ago

Same as today's date and change.