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how o create a display using LEDS? Answered

by using LEDS i have heard that there is a way to make up a display that's the thing i wanted



You can create your own LED Matrix Display!

Choose on following LED Display;

depending on number of links the Photos!

1)64pixels by alex_weber

2)Build a low cost, scrolling LED display for your Arduino … by qs

3)PAKISTANI LED FLAG by smnoor88

4)GEEKS ARE KEWL: Arduino-Controlled 18x6 LED Matrix (in pr… by


5)cascadable 8x16 rgb led matrix by ozgu

Now i provide a guide for you it is the way to make your own LED Display

I wish this my answer is helpful:

Answer By: Wareneutron(WN)


A display of what? How large, what resolution, what colors... ?

Do you want to make the equivalent of a big Tv screen?

A simple LED matrix looks like THIS - This is an 8 x 8 one.  Each individual LED can be turned on by setting its corresponding row pin HIGH and its column pin LO.  To give the impression of a continuous display, the driving circuitry would do this very quickly for each LED which needed to be lit so it appears to be constantly on (due to persistence of vision).
If you're only trying to make a simple lit sign, post more details.

may be this is what you want