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i need a knife sheath? Answered

i just make a knife out of a rail road stake and i cant find a sheath that will fit it can u guys and girls help



I once made a sheath out of leftover pieces of rubber.  I just cut two pieces to fit the blade and left one piece longer for my belt.  I used the knife to punch small holes in the rubber around the edges and wove a black shoelace through.  Cut two slits to slide my belt through and I've had it for several years now.

Get some heavy tooling leather, a sewing awl or lacing needle & thread, and a lacing punch from your local leather supplier. Make a pattern by tracing your knife blade onto paper and adding a 1/4" border around the back, edge and point. Cut two pieces of leather using the pattern, one for each side of the sheath. Cut a third piece that is only the 1/4" border part. If you want to tool or burn a design into the leather, do it now. Sandwich the three pieces together with the border-only piece in the middle. Tape around the edges to keep everything together. Use the lacing punch to punch holes all around the edge of the leather sammich, through all three layers. Remove tape. Using the sewing awl or lacing needle, sew through the holes you just punched. You now have a basic sheath.

If you want, make one of your leather pieces extra long at the top, then fold the extra over and sew it down to make a belt loop.

Or, use the exact same pattern to make a sheath out of wood, Instead of sewing, use a strong epoxy or Gorilla Glue to hold it together.