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knex fire ball shooter!!!(no joke!!!) Answered

i know it sounds dubm bacause the fire would melt knex peaces but i had a idea. you make knex track for a lighter to travel on and at the end have a peace that set off the lighter but still let it travle out of the gun. you put a layer of paper at the ent of the gun and the lighter lights the paper and when the lighter leaves the gun it takes the paper with it make ing a fire ball!


the lighter would not have enough time to ignite the paper...

It works, I just tried it. But you have to soak the paper in 99% isopropenol to make it light...and my gun used bungee cords to launch the projectile

Huh, cool stuff. I had this idea 4 years ago, glad to see someone actually tried it ;)

In other news, I'm a bit disgusted by my typing here. It was 4 years ago though I guess...


use a match put igntie strip at end fir a macht head\

i would not be able to test it if i made it bacause my mom would not let me but a lighter.