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looking to build an electric tank. need some advice on how to make the front steering system Answered

does anybody have experience building gokarts perhaps? I wont be able to use bike wheels since its going to weigh 500lbs++. any ideas? help is much appreciated and if i finish it I will put up an instructable. thanks.


Here's a link to the perfect answer. It's a 6 or 7 part video that details the build of a 2.5:1 scale Sherman tank.

Where he says "sherman" just insert your brand in place.

Do not undertake this project lightly.  It will be expensive even if you have a junk yard to scavage from.  It will be difficult to make look right and work properly.

And last but not least there is opportunity to kill, maim yourself or others or at least damage some property with something this large and powerful.

But when it's finished it will be something to be proud of.

Tanks are usually skid-steered, ie, you brake one side, and the other turns you round, so there isn't any "mechanism" as such. Tank gear boxes are rather clever things.

i was thinking to have scooter wheels *4 so it all gets a bit simpler and there is less resistance. so basically i want to make an electric go-kart with a stainless steel boat turned upside down on top.