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new knex machine gun ideas Answered

I have a request for a knex machine gun that works sort of like a real machine gun. The bullets (barrels on the chain) fire and when the ammo leaves the barrel, something happens to move the chan around. Any suggestions? Maybe someone could try this and build a whole new class of machine guns!


i have a new type check it out

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it wound have 2 hit at just the belt at just the right time

You mean chain fed? Didn't like loosewire make something like this? You'd basically be making an unconnected gatling gun in otherwords...

sort of, its complicated. the firing of one bullet sets the chain moving around like a real machine gun

Oh I get it. I can see some potential reliability issues with this but if it works then we might have a true automatic.

mod the knexsayer and instead of revolving make it chain fed!. it might work... it might not..... when i get more peices it might try

You mean exactly what I said earlier?

Look where I posted all my comments, you're bound to see it lol.

i saw it after i posted the comment

Actually that's not that bad of an idea. You could swap out the barrels for gears. The only potential problem I see here is it would probably need to be set up on like a tripod the front end would be rather heavy making it hard to carry around.

I have done a chain loading mech, but I am no good at crank auto's, but I can make you a chain that holds bullets, and only has 1 firing pin, I made my little gun, it shot whites, and it shot around 30 feet flat, maybe we could put ideas together? :D

But I was thinking of adding a pump that moved the gears to move the chain, like a Knexsayer, only with many more than 8 shots, lol.

Just lemme post my L96 and then I can help you, although I could be a while, but hopefully a slideshow will be up today :D!

what do you mean by this?

the firing of one bullet drives the chain around


9 years ago

I may as well come out and say it, I'm having trouble with the project anyway, I was making one and i already have a chain, but I cant think up a way for the barrel and such.