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repairing large cracks in an outdoor table Answered

I have a large outdoor wooden table, approx 2.4m long by 1m wide, made of spalted beech. Over time it has dried out and in places there are now large cracks in the surface, about as wide as a finger, all the way through the table top (about 10cm deep). What would you advise as best way to repair these ?


Thank you all for the comments. I've taken a couple of photos to show the problem. As you can see the table surface is made from one single piece of beech and the cracks go all the way through the surface in places. I like the epoxy resin idea although I imagine I'll need to fix something underneath temporarily to contain the resin. Over time, I guess the drying out process might cause the cracks to widen slightly more and make further repairs necessary. Whatever, I want to keep it looking as natural as possible because it's such an impressive piece of garden furniture.


I believe that's called a slab.

I think you can use painters tape to stop the epoxy from dripping out of the bottom.

That's a cool table. Is the backside just as bad? If not, consider reversing it. You could also leave the cracks and add a glass top.

Apart from all the great suggestion already:
How about filling the cracks with metal and then sealing it with epoxy?
For example Bismuth with a small amount of Gallium mixed into it will melt far below below any temp that could damage the wood.
Of course you should first fill most of the crack with sawdust and wood glue so you don't need a few kg of metal.

You could fill the cracks with epoxy, and then probably just refinish the entire table with epoxy as well. If it's going to continue to stay outdoors, that's something I would consider.

There are a lot of great instructables that cover various approaches you could take. I'd take a look through this list for ideas: https://www.instructables.com/howto/epoxy+table/

That was exactly what I was thinking...