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what do I need for home surround sound? Answered

I have this Cyber Acoustics set of speakers that I would like to set up as a home audio system, but I don't know what I need or how to set it up.  I have the main woofer, and 4 other speakers (front right and left, back right and left).  The input is your standard head phone jack.  What do I need to get to make this work for the dvd player (or other tv things)?  Or what do I need to do to set the system up?  Thanks in advance.



Best Answer 6 years ago

It looks like this speaker is self-amped, which means it doesn't need to be controlled by a surround sound receiver, so what you need is to connect the speakers using the right cables. You would use RCA audio cables to connect this speaker to the other speakers in the corresponding outputs. Then you would need to use some sort of cable to plug into the right input, and route it to your TV, DVD player, etc. You would possibly need an adapter for headphone jack to RCA plugs.
If your budget allows, it would be easier to get a surround sound receiver. The surround sound receiver will be the unit that you will connect the speakers to and will take input from the TV, DVD player, etc. all at once. These will run you anywhere from $150.00 to $2,000.00 (yes a big range, but you will probably only need one that is about $200 to $300.
Next, you will need the right cables. For the speakers you have, they would be RCA audio cables, but it would be easier to use the speaker cable terminals, because all surround sound receivers i've looked at have them. You would need different speakers, though. That would defeat the purpose of doing this with your existing speakers, though.

Those are my thoughts. They could be right or wrong. I hope I helped! Good luck.

thank you for you answer, it is helpful! The receiver is out of my price range.

No problem! Yeah... Receivers are expensive. Good luck!

Kayden has the correct answers.

Double check -- that bigger plug to the front right speaker has extra wires so that the controls on that speaker can control volume.

The only inputs are 2 stereo inputs, front and surround. It's rare to find a dvd player etc that outputs separate front and rear channels these days -- just stereo or digital (optical or coax).

Your best bet is to run these as intended, from a computer. Have the computer run the media software.

It's computer speakers...not designed for home theatre, so really it will only work 'best' with a computer.