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who owns an armatron ? Answered

that is how it is spelled on the thing but who has one any more if more than 3 people have one i will submit a cool thing with it to prove you have one upload a picture of it


Yeah I've got one.  A picture of this artifact is attached. 

BTW, the one on the left is a "Robotic Banker", also sold by Radio Shack(r) during the same era. There are no controls for the Robot Bankster, you just put a coin in its slot, and this starts a programed sequence: Pick up the coin.  Drop it in the bank.  Push and release the lever on the advice wheel. Return to the rest position, and shut off.


I've got one - somewhere - haven't looked at it in years - you got a neat application for it?

ok at least three people have of had one so i will tell what i am making it is a claw macine that will take a quatrter to play 1 min i will post it soon

one more who has or had one

Had one, several decades ago. It's cute, for a mechanical-clutch waldo. Long gone.

Let me guess -- you've got a solenoid mechanism, ideally with some positional feedback, for putting it under computer control?

No but I want one. Looks way cool.

two more people and i will post some thing

Yup, I've got one.
It's in my basement.
Hi-Tech at the time.

Here's a Wikipedia link you can add to your post. And here's a bunch more information about it, courtesy of Google.