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12v battery charging? Answered

I'm making a prop that has 6 12v 6800mAh rechargeable batteries, but i wanted two ways of charging them, a normal plug in to a wall adapter, but also jump lead connectors, so I'm able to charge it of a reving car, or a leisure battery, all my questions are, is what would i need in the circuit to make it safe, and work, imbetween the jump lead charge wires, the normal adapter charger lead, and the batteries them selfs.

JUMP LEAD------------  ??  ----------------------------
      WIRES                                                          |
                                                                            |------------------  ?? -------- BATTERIES ----------12v -------
POWER ADAPTER------------------  ??  ------------|                       



3 years ago

you just need insulators for the jumper leads (presuming the jumper leads have spring loaded jaws). And you need to use them religiously. Either that or the jumper lead cable needs to be connected to your charging bus using another connector, which would be disconnected when not using the jumpers, to avoid that oops moment that shorts them together.


3 years ago

Well, for lower power you could use a headphone plug and socket, they come with a build in switch.
The switch can used to interrupt the jumper wires.
Although I don't see why you could not use a two way twoggle switch or simply connect the jumper cables to the battery when needed....