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3d printer won't move Answered

Hello, I have recently hoked up the motors and sensors of my xyz printer to a ramps v 1.4 running marlin  firmware. I can't make anything but the z axis to move. I put every motor in the z axis and found the can make the motors work. So, why wont they move when they are in their correct plug for their axis? I am using pronterface to make the axis move by the way.



Best Answer 1 year ago

Your first test shows its not the motors.

Here are some of the first questions I'd ask myself.

Are the drive chips OK ?

Are the chips getting signals ?

Are the power supplies TO the chips OK ?


Answer 1 year ago

I thought that pronter face uploaded programs to run the gcode. I fixed the problem by installing marlin firmware. I got one axis to work, but my ramps were dead.


1 year ago

What motor drivers are in the ramps board? Are the settings for the steppers the same? Do you have them plugged in correctly?


1 year ago

You need to configure Marlin to your hardware.
This goes for the stepping and direction of the motors as well as the location and logic of axis endstops.
You should check the G-code reference for the status commands to see what the endstops are set to.
Manually engage/disengage the endstops to check if their status changes- you need to use the command codes every time as there is no such thing as auto-refresh ;)
Once you confirmed all is working one way or the other set the correct logic for it in the firmware and re-flash it.
On some marlin versions you can do those changes "on the fly" and store them in the EEPROM - this is good to find the right values for the stepping for example and once done you can use them in the firmware to flash permanetly.