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I need a circuit that will flash a light at fairly accurate regular timed intervals. Perhaps the easiest might be a battery circuit with LEDs, but flashing a mains-powered light would be OK if easier. It is for use as a light metronome, so I need to be able to vary it to between 40 and 200 flashes per minute. Have searched the net: lots of flashing circuits, but none that can be varied in tempo in a reasonably accurate way. Grateful for any thoughts!

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Technology; LED flasher

I would like to make a simple single LED flasher powered by a 9 volt battery.  I would like the LED to flash approximately once per minute.  So far with my limited knowledge of electronics the best I have come up with is one that is off for one minute and then on for one minute.  The one I made that flashed once every minute using a large resistor had a very short battery life.  Any help will be appreciated..............................................phil

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LED Flasher Relay

Can anyone help me build a LED flasher replay capable of running approximately 100 LED's. I would like it to alternately flash and have a strobe like effect, similar to what most emergency vehicles have!!! Thanks Dave

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Piezo buzzer for LED flasher? Answered

I have built the flasher found here; It works great with the LED turn signal bulbs on my bike I would like to hook up a piezo buzzer to the flasher that buzzes when either the right or left signal light is on (motorcycle flasher reminder buzzer). What would be the easiest way to do it? The flasher runs constantly when the key is on, only powering the turn signals when the turn switch is activated right or left. The buzzer won't work when hooked up to the B+ and load terminals like it was on the mechanical flasher with incandescent bulbs. I figure the problem is that the incandescent bulbs provided the ground for the buzzer though the filaments. Does this sound right? Thanks. Sorry about the long diatribe.

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Multi Flash Flasher circuit?

I am trying to make my own flasher controller for a pair of LED light modules.  The 12 volt, low amp draw lights are to be used on a golf cart that we use when the patrol cars are not needed on campus. Traffic control is the main use due to being able to put it anywhere the patrol cars will not go. The flash patterns can be any type as long as it is automatic, and keep changing, like the strobe lights on police, fire, and EMS units. Some have 4 patterns, some have up to 18 patterns. Any one have a diagram or circuit design that may work? Thanks for any help.

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120 volt flasher circut

I need some help finding a way to flash a 120 volt incandescent light bulb. Im looking for a way and have found close to nothing. if any one can help, thank you

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"flasher" or strobe or similar for battery

Hi, I'm kind of new to this and don't know what I want, but can describe it.  I'm looking for a small, inexpensive device that will turn a battery off and on.  I have a battery powered electromagnet that moves a clamp.  I want to make something like Clamps from Futurama where the clamp just opens and closes on its own about once every two seconds.  I've got the battery, battery cover, and wire leads on that end.  I've got the clamp, wires, and normal on/off switch on the other.  I just need the bit in the middle.  I can use a regular on off switch, but I don't want to have keep constantly flicking it off and on. All of my google searches end up pointing to either strobe lights, car electronics, or Christmas lights.  None of which will really work. Any ideas of what this would be or where to get a couple cheap? Thanks!

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Rc light ,flashing light

Ive tried and tried to get an LED to light up (on at all times) then add a flashing circuit on same led like a car turn signal. Any help would be greatly appreaciated

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555 Car Flasher unit circuit

Hi, I'm wanting to put some led indicators in my car because they are so efficient but my current flasher unit isn't designed to run such a low load.  It is also relay based which probably isn't the most efficient way of doing things and with it being an old mini it sometimes rattles itself at whatever rate it feels like flashing at at the time so I wanted to use a transistor instead. I've come up with the circuit attached and built it but when it is running all the indicator lights for the hazzards, the transistor gets hot! Surely there is a better way of doing it? Could someone have a look and see what could be changed? I don't know much about transistors but I know that I'd be better getting it to 'saturate' and act as a low resistance switch but I don't know how to achieve that.  It also has to run under two loads, indicators and hazzards, and has to flash at the same rate for each - between 1hz and 2hz. I think a variation of this circuit might be better (it makes use of the discharge pin rather than the output pin), with the load at the ground side of the transistor because it has to be an output pin on the flasher unit. I've got some BFY51, BUY82, BD743B so it would be great to use one of them. in short: what's the best solid state fixed rate 12v flasher driver using a 555 that can supply around 2 amps using as few parts as possible? Thanks for your time, and sorry if I've done anything wrong!

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(SOLVED) 555 LED flasher slows...

I am attempting to recreate Duck210's guitar LED mod. However, I am having problems with the circuit. As I have said, it gradually slows to an ultimate stop. Any ideas? Please help! Thanks in advance,     ~H4ZZ

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Make a Ghetto Simple LED Flasher :)

No programming or 555 Timers are required for this incredibly simple project.Using a pop can, a small motor, and 2 LEDs you can create an LED flasher. Full write up:

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S.O.S. LED Flasher Schematic Diagram

'Hello everyone,I looking to find an electronic schematic of a small LED flasher circuit thatflashes an S.O.S. light code. 3 short flashes, 3 long flashes, and 3 short flashes, than a 5 or so second delay, than repeats.Hoping to us a 555 timer IC.This is for a science project for my 14 year old.HELP! Thanks.Anyone?'

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How to make a led flasher circuit with LM 358 IC

Please if you have answer mail me at with complete circuit diagram i will be greatful to you. thanks in advance.

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How can make a 10 or more LED flesher?

Actually I want to make LED multiple flasher by using 555-timer in my project board.... How can I make this??? The LED should flash alternatively......... At first I want to make 10 LED flasher.......... After that I would try more than 10.......

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How to make a bi colour LED flasher?

Hi guys  I need ur help I want to make a bi colour  LED flasher for about 40 LEDs or less or more powered by a 9v battery If any one has an idea of the circuit used pleas help 

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wiring led turn signals to flasher and fuse box?

Led signal lights turned on with regular car flasher relay canister and now with the led flasher relay i get nothing at all!!!!

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how to measure frequency in this circuit?

i want to measure the frequency of this flasher circuit but i always get a frequency close to that of the mains. I am using a wall wart. i changed some of the components to speed up the flashing but the frequency reading stayed the same. to check my multimeter i tried measuring the frequency of mains and the joule thief circuit and it looks like my multimeter is good. how should i measure the frequency in this flasher circuit?

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Help with Alternating multiple LEDs adjustable Flash rate 9-12vdc supply Circuit Design.?

I have seen many LED Flashers, but they seem to rely on capacitor discharge to light the LEDs. I want to drive around 40 to 60 LEDs and alternate between these LEDs and be able to adjust the Flash rate. One side on for 1 to 2 seconds then the other side on 1 to 2 seconds and alternate between each set of LEDs. The supply voltage will provide the LED Power. I just need to alternate each side on and off at an equal rate. Can anyone help with this design or know of site with this type of circuit?

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How to make a 2-row Sequential LED flashing circuit? Answered

I want to make a circuit that lights up two LED's then turn them off then lights up the next two LED's and so on. I want it so it looks like the light is scrolling across the LED's. I know how to do this with one row but how do I do it with two rows so that the two row are in sync? *Update: August 8, 2013* I have a ramp for my R/C car with 2 rows of 6 LED's. I want the bottom two to light up, then turn off. Then the next two above them to light up, then turn off and so on. As if the light was travel from the first two LED's, to the second one, to the third, to the fourth and so on. Then have the light come back to the start. I'm also really new to electronics so, if possible, try to keep it as simple as possible. 

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Why wont this led flasher circuit work?

I recently made an led flasher circuit using a 555 timer on a breadboard. The instructable I used was this: I made the whole thing on the breadboard, it worked. (I used a reed relay instead of a switch for the power, so i could use a magnet to turn it on and off and it worked). Then I took the circuit and transferred it to a circuit board. I made the first part, with the one led that just lights up, and when I tested it, it didnt work. I checked and made sure power went through all of the objects, and it did. The breadboard circuit I used a 5+ power supply, on the circuit board I used a battery holder (That holds 4 1.5 batteries) to get 6 volts. (I used 6 volts with the breadboard circuit, too) I used all the same pieces, tested the led and it worked, but it just doesnt work. Here is the circuit drawn on paint (As it is on the circuit board):

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SMD IC Star LED Flasher Kit

Here's a kit that pays homage to someone we all know and love...

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Led flasher 555 delay-off help!?

I have a working 555 flasher circuit: - i have added a switch between the + and the board, and replaced the R2 with a variable. Works great! Now i would like to add a "delay-off" function, if thats what it is called, so a single activation gives 10 seconds of flashing. So, any advice? PS: I have pnp & npn's, resistors etc, but no relay's. Thanks fella's!

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What's a good circuit for a Schmitt trigger flasher?

I have been told that a Schmitt trigger can flash an LED, just like a 555 timer can, only the circuit is simpler. I haven't been able to find an example of this online, however.

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How can I make an LED flasher with numerous patterns like the SHO-ME LED Flashers?

Here is a direct link to their website of flashers: They do different types and speeds of patterns. Does anyone know how to create something similar to this?  They're LED flashers to be wired to a 12V vehicle battery for emergency services workers and change patterns with a momentary switch...  Any help is APPRECIATED...

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Building a flasher circuit with a single led to flash Once, then Twice, then Three times, and then loop it? Answered

I've built some simple flasher circuits in high school, but what I need now requires a bit more than a simple flasher. I want to avoid using a micro controller or arduino. I hope there is a simple way to just loop a simple flasher circuit through multiple stages of capacitors or something, but that's why I've come here. :) This is what I need: A flasher circuit with a single LED, flashing in 3 sets before looping. It will flash ONCE (Beep). And then TWICE in quick succession (BeepBeep). And then THREE times in quick succession (BeepBeepBeep). There needs to be a delay between each set of flashes. After the 3 sets of flashes, it will loop and do it again and again. I would love lots of help on this! Thanks so much.

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How to make 6 led blink in a repeatedly sequence ? Answered

Hello everyone, I am a novice in all  of this and  I really need help. What  I want to do is a car flasher with six blinking led where the led will blink one after another repeatedly until I turn the flasher off. I hope I explain it clear because unfortunately, (forgive me please) my English is bad. I would like to know what hardware do I need and the instruction for make it working. I don't know a lot about this but I learning fast and I think ( I hope) what I want to do should not be very complicated. Thank you for your time. Rick PS: In the picture that I am posting as a example, I want the orange led blink in a repeatedly sequence from left to right as a right tail light car flasher.

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Solar Powered IR LED Flasher Circuit Request

I need a circuit that will flash a standard IR LED. I do not want it to include a 555 IC or any other such digital control. This needs to be analog. I plan for it to run off of a solar cell(the one i have provides power at .5V and 1.5mA) with a rechargeable battery as a storage bank. I know this is extremely low voltage/current for a recharging system, but if you have a solution by all means include it. Blinking rate is not that important, although options for changing the rate would be appreciated. It should not blink slower than once/sec tho. I hope someone knows enough to be able to pull this off, my expertise is in programming not EE. Thanks --SS

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41 LED Flasher Circuit using 555 IC

Ok I've managed to get the single LED working but not the rest what am I doing wrong ????????

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41 LED Flasher Circuit using 555 IC

Hello from Scotland   Being costume and armour builder but being new to the electronics world I noticed this build using 41 led lights this would be perfect to compliment a build i'm currently working on my question is this do you have some sort of step by step guide to this build as I really think this will work my understanding of electronics is very very basic I can rig some leds together that's about it   Any help would be fantastic

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Using Capacitors in a flip flop LED flasher circut?

Hello guys, I am very new to electronics, so please bear with me. I am trying to build using specs from various places a seemingly simple flip-flop led flasher using a 9V dc power source, a pair of NPN transistors, a pair of capacitors, a resistors. Now I have built the circut several times on my breadboard. I have yet to get the circut to work. I tried to troubleshoot the problem myself, and done a little research. It seems that capacitors wont work with a dc current, or so most of the web sites say. The problem is all of the circuts I have seen use capacitors, even the 555 circuits. The only thing I have done different from the diagrams is I am using a slightly larger (30 or so farads) cap. They are the the ceramic disc type. Am I using the wrong caps? Not sure what I am doing wrong?

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LED Turn indicator for Motorbike

Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum and joined to get some help from all the geniuses here. I'm making  LED turn indicator for my 100cc bike. My present Factory installed flasher rating is 12v 10W X 2bulb. I want to add total of 48 ORANGE LED, 24 in front indcator and 24 in rear indicator. The current drawn would be much less for the flasher to work as the LED would not flash. I want to make 4 parallel set of 6 LED in series. as the total volt would be 2.2v*6 led =13.2. I've achieved the above so far but how to make them blink? Flash would be better then blink !! So can anyone suggest me a simple circuit which I can put in place of factory installed flasher and work the same way. I've 12v 7.2Ah Battery on board. and one thing more If I hook up a 55w/55w headlamp directly to the above battery how long will it last. I'll be grateful for the pain you take for me... Thank You Gurdeep

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i want more details about the 41 LED Flasher Circuit using 555 IC

 i want  working ,applications,components cost 

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need help to buidl a single and small rgb flasher or dimmer

​i have a question, how can i make a rgb flasher or dimmer that runs with 3v and as small as possible for a key chain, just one rgb led, if anybody can help me please with a schematic, pcb or something. thanks so much please email me. i really apreciate it, my babys first year birthday is coming in 20 days and i want to make like 30 key chains like that for the kids coming to the little party. thanks so much again.

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I need a circuit diagram for a simple piezoelectric audio buzzer and led light flasher in one handy circuit board?

 Hi, I am trying to build a simple circuit that has a piezo electric buzzer and an led light flasher that runs on a 9V battery. The idea is that, this circuit is a wearable (a necklace prototype) that acts as an alert system - the circuit needs to be compact. All I want for it to do is, with the flip of a switch, the buzzer sounds and the LED light flashes. I am a beginner when it comes to building circuits. Can some one please provide me with a circuit diagram? Thanks for your help!

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Add resistance to a led tail light?

I have a Led Tail light to wire to my motorcycle. I split my running light to light up my flashers also. My question is how can I make my tail light less bright? I off course think about putting a resistance, but how to choose the right one?here's my spec:12V motorcycle batteryLed light: 15 white LEDs2 flashers: 12 volts incandescent bulbsWiring: original running light split in two (1 in tail light and one to the back) then the second one split into the two flashersThank you all

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Where can I get phone flashers? (they blink when your cell rings)

I had a cheap phone flasher that I got off ebay, and when its battery died, I dissected the turtle and pulled its blinky guts out. Anyway, it works great for one of my projects, and I want to buy more, but can't find them anywhere. I bought several others off ebay, including more turtles, but they all had different blinkers inside them, which sadly do not work for me. I'm attaching a picture of the part I want. Anybody know where I can get these?

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What programs are needed to flash an Xbox 360?

What computer programs are needed to flash an Xbox 360? I have a Hitachi 47 HD and I've tried downloading Jungle Flasher and Ixtreme from their respective websites, but I can't seem to get them to run on my Laptop (Windows 7).

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Running a 555 timer? Answered

So, I have this program that I got online that simulates a 555-timer. Basically, if you want it to put out X Hz in Astable mode, it'll tell you which capacitors to use and stuff. It'll also show you how you can modify the duty cycle.  I'm wondering if anyone can explain something to me: When I run the program in astable mode, the duty cycle must be above 50%. I want to power an LED that flashes very briefly, but has a relatively large interval of being off until if flashes again. Something more along the lines of a duty cycle of maybe 5%-20%.  First, could you explain why the program constrains the value like this? Is it because the 555 can't run at a duty cycle that isn't greater than 50%? If that is the case, why can't it? Second, if I can't run it like that, what would you propose I do to power the LED in the manner I described? btw, if you want the program follow this link: It's actually a pretty cool program! :D

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I need help with hellcat's recovery flasher OR 5.00 m33-6 flash0!?

I installed something in my flash0 I don't want anymore (netfront browser), but I didn't backup my flash0 (I know, I'm a bad boy). I tried hellcat's recovery flasher version 1.60, but it just stayed on the loading screen (I waited about 10 minutes). I put the official 5.00 sony update in the right folder and everything (including renaming it "500"). I've looked for tutorials, and I can't see what I'm doing wrong. does anyone have any suggestions? ALSO!!!! if you have 5.00 m33-6 flash0, could you give it to me? I know you're not supposed to, but I wouldn't tell.... (pm me if you have it.) but PLEASE... MAKE SURE IT'S WORKING!! I don't want to screw with it any more.

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How would make wire 555 timer to flash LEDS quickly every second?

How do you wire a 555 timer to do what you want ?

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i can't figure out this schematic... can you help?

Forrest mims "dual LED flasher". Can't get it right. put it together about 10 times now. no blinking. LEDs are just constantly on

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Installing lights in 1/18 scale Diecast Car, need blinkers and four way flashers help..

Im old.. ok?! so dont make too much fun of me,,, but, Im getting a handle on LEDs and their simplicity.. Very cool What I am attempting to do, is to put a full set of lights into a 1/18 scale diecast car. Setting up a basic light setup for the head and tail lights is under control, but where I need help is with blinkers! I need a simple and small setup, so i can activate the right or left blinkers on the toy. As an added bonus, it would be nice to be able to turn on (separately)  all four as if they were hazard lights. Running either 3mm at each of the four corners, or possibly using Fiber optics and  one LED per side... Any and all help appreciated!

Question by vwluvrs  

How to charge up a capacitor? Answered

I heard some website just use a transistor and transformer circuit to charge up a photo flasher cap.(May be high frequency output) If so , can I charge up three or four capacitors with parallel or series circuit?

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help! I've broken my psp!!!? Answered

I first installed netfront including the vsh plugin. while trying to get my flash0 back to how it was, I installed hellcat's recovery flasher 1.60 and for some reason it tells me I have no games. how can I fix it?

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Without using a microcontroller how would you flash an LED 10 times in 1 second and then stay lit thereafter? Answered

 Assumes only 1 physical input.  I am trying to mimic a brake light flasher where the driver presses on the brakes and the brake light quickly flashes for 1 second or so and then just goes to solid.  Thanks,

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On wednesday i saw

An RX7 just barely parked on the side of 410 with the flashers on, and a girl by it, she was pretty cute actually, and a ford explorer behind it, and knew, by instinct, the engine probably blew, due to not changing the oil, not putting oil into it, and just not taking care of it. Damn, another RX7 OFF the road, just what we need. I am just glad i can think of Aaron Cake's RX7 sleeping in its home, safe.

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Can someone help me please? What LED and Resistors to use for 12v tail & brake lights?

Running Volts Between 13.5 - 14.5 V. What led's 5mm or 10mm Super bright. White led's give a yellow glow through the red lens, the red led's look fine. How many led's for park, tail and flasher lights? Need for driver? Suggestion's please Thank you Piet 

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What would this circuit act like?

I am building this cirucit flashes an led once every 2 seconds, if I am reading correctly.I need to modify it so that it acts like in this vid below.Any Ideas?I am making many of them so that I can scatter them all around our house on halloween to make it have a sort of twinkle effect. (the leds are going to be connected at different times so they blink at different times)

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Direction/turn signal indicators making them brighter with led bulb I need help pls

Hi. I somtimes ride a 1985 yamaha ms50 pogal 50cc moped. It has an 6v electrial system where as modern day scooters are 12v. I bought a knew indicater relay for it and checked all the bulbs as the turn signal indicators are not so easy to see flashing. I mean, on average sunny day other road users would need to look hard to see them flashing. the bulbs are 6v 15w and both old and knew flasher relays gives output of 6v 40w. I would feel much safer when turning if I had a bulb that gives a brighter flash to give other road users a better idea when im turning. I can see on the web there is a 6v 5w and 10w bulb I can try or even 6v leds but I dont know much about leds. the stanadard factory fitted indicater buld 6v 15w gives an ok flash at night, but in sunny daylight I would need to be close up to see it flash which is no good! I don't want to change the originality of this little ped since it has been carefully taken care of over the years and has made it in intact into current times as is. I need to come up with somthing that will work and if I replace a buld with a 5w or 10w when it should be 15w I may get a brigher flash or just blow the bulb. I wonder was there a problem or just bad design with the indicator lights on the yamaha ms50 pogal when they first came out in the 1980's as I have seen a couple of them fitted with suzuki fz50 indicators and other makes of bike turn signal indicaters on them. I don't think the flashers are faulty I feel they where just made that way. I could be wrong. I suppose there could be a bad earth on the flashers. Sorry to go on so much about this. Im looking for your suggestions for a brighter indicator flashers which is purely for safety reasons. If car drivers can see where im turning, im less at risk of being nocked off by them. Im thinking a higher or lower wattage incandescent 6v buld or even a replacment 6v led buld ive seen on ebay but as I said. I know nothing about led bulbs or even if they will work on my moped. Would a equivalent 6v 15w led give a brigher flash than a 6v 15w tradisional incandesant bulb? can someone help me here pls Here's the led ive seen on ebay;=item4d08c3be3d these are the standard 6v 15w bulbs i want to replace with brighter led bulbs  

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My strobe light has a problem....

I have a miniature strobe light that I salvaged from a crappy Halloween decoration. I was planning on strapping it to my bike, just as an added accessory. Anyway, it worked fine, then is started being faulty. Now, it does not want to flash at all. It isn't charging the capacitor, so there is a problem somewhere before there. The strobe light has a cool option of either holding down a button or using an on/off switch. I cannot find any loose wires or shorts. Is there a way to tell if the flasher is broken? It hasn't been dropped, so I don't guess that that would be the problem. Any help would sure be appreciated!

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