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best graphics

I think the game with the most graphics are metroid (newer ones) and zelda twilight princess

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page doesnt show all The Gamers members

I clicked members on the side bar to see all 231 gamers but for some reason there is no spacing so it cuts off most off the names. plz fix!

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Attention all gamers! Attention all gamers!

My name is John currently I am looking to make full immersed video games the reason I am telling you this is because I need all of your help. If you have ideas about some video games that you want to see made contact me. If you have experience and want to help the dreams and ideas of others become realities contact me. Any and all who love video games and want to see your games be produced join me. Contact me either by email: or by comment on here  Your help and ideas are important to you which is why I ask you to join and help each other together our dreams and ideas will become real.

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mmos gamer come in

We are supplying power level service or gold serviceif you need it,contact us by our live chat on http://www.gameim.com

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Looking for somebody to recruit for World of Warcraft!

Hey guys it's me Întegrity from Stormreaver-Alliance. I was looking for somebody I can recruit for the game World of Warcraft (WoW). I will be more than happy to level a toon or more to at least 60 with you! (We get 3x experience together up to 60)! PLEASE private message me for more info or an invite! THANK YOU!!!! :DDDD

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Batch file fake hack

A file i made to fake a hack! you can use it to fool your friends!

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new group

Go to

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Gamers - What is a name for a Tough Guy Castle?

Could you help me think of something? I want to say the opposite of a Malibu Barbie Dream House.This isn't a Malibu Barbie Dream House - it's SomeplaceOrToughGuyHere 's Castle!Thanks

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Moving Your Gamer Profile to your PC

 I recently bought a Xbox 360 memory unit (512mb) I know that you are able to hook it up to your computer so that if you have your gamer profile on the MU you can mod it but there are no tutorials (that i have found) to do this i want to mod my gamertag so when im playing mw2 it is all colorful however i dont know how to plug my MU into my PC because the MU has a special plug (not usb) if someone could please help me before this mod id patched!!! :)

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Uber-Nerd Proposal

"Nerd love at its finest, with a maximum allowance of creativity and a minimum of french kiss retainer entanglement or dual use pocket protector prophylactics."How will you top this one?Gamer proposes to girlfriend by hacking Chrono Trigger via: boingboing

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witch is better a ps3 or 360??

Do u know witch is better? (>_<) HELP.

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Papercraft gaming

Hi. I was just wondering if anyone has paper craft instuctables for gamers????

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what is the easest way to fix a xbox 360 game

how do i fix a game with out going out to the stre

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how can u make a rapid fire controller for the ps2 on the cheap?

I want to make a rapid fire controller so my brother will play online with me he is younger and cant tap the shoot button fast enouf "R1" he said if i can make him shoot faster with the pistol in call of duty 3 heel play

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Control your dreams by playing video games

LiveScience is reporting that playing video games before bed can help gamers control their dreams. This can be helpful for those who have troublesome dreams. "If you're spending hours a day in a virtual reality, if nothing else it's practice," said Jayne Gackenbach, a psychologist at Grant MacEwan University in Canada. "Gamers are used to controlling their game environments, so that can translate into dreams." I can personally attest to the fact that playing a ton of Tetris will affect your dreams. You'll be seeing those blocks fall down, endlessly clearing lines. After playing the heck out of Resident Evil 4 I had dreams of fighting back zombies for months. Far from a nightmare, I always found it to be a fun challenge. Does anyone else have any experiences with video games and dreams? Video Gamers Can Control Dreams, Study Suggests via Slashdot

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PSN Names

Please write your PSN name below in the way that it is to be added say your psn name is "blue4EVER" dont write "blue for ever" (duh!)

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Xbox Live?

Are there any K'nexers out the that have Xbox live? If so can you post your gammertag here so we can be friends? Mine is alfpwns.

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Does anyone have a copy of half life they want to give to a credit cardless gamer?

I kinda wanna copy...and if you give me a copy i will play half life co op with you...please?

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Looking to build a shutdown timer ? Answered

I want to hook something up to a console so that after a certain amount of time say 30 minutes, the console will lose all its power, how would i go about doing this?

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Are games for the XP and Vista Operating Systems compatible with the Windows 7 operating system? Answered

I am trying to decide what operating system(s) to put on my new gaming computer I'm working on.

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How do I add a Windows layer to Linux?

I am a Windows gamer, though I want to switch to Linux for versatility. Is there any way to add a Windows layer to Linux so I can play Windows games? I plan on using Ubuntu 9.04.

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Help Youtube Channel, need advise and support!

Hello,im new to youtube and need some help, what can i do to improve my videos.what set up and camera/mic do you reccomend. :)

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So Team Fortress 2 Is Down

Since a few days ago many Team Fortress 2 Players have been experiencing a frustrating anomaly. Team Fortress 2 (and on occasion other source games) DO NOT WORK! This is very frustrating, opinions have been voiced that it is due to extreme server overload due to all the F2P people coming in by the thousands. This is not only frustrating but also unfair, ask one of my very good friends who actually pre-ordered Team Fortress 2, was a dedicated Gamer and Beta Tester but has now been demoted so much he can't even boot up the game anymore, while several F2P "gamers" had no trouble at all booting the game up. Does anyone else see a problem with this?

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A New Ultimate Resource for Recommended System Specs!

I found this new website for all you gamers and system builders out there that provides really good recommended system specs with price breakdowns and vendors! Now I can stop bugging my buddies each time I want to get a new system!

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My lil man asked Santa for an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device aka Portal Gun. Any builders willing to sell one?

Here is your opprtunity to make a young gamer the happiest kid on Christmas morning! We need a portal gun! Here is a link to what he wants and a photo.

Question by gameboyzmom  

When I change the volume on my volume wheel on my computer it presses a key?

I'm a huge gamer and this is really annoying.  When i turn down the volume or turn it up, it will press some keys on my keyboard (i think it might be "X" and "B".  I dont knoe why it does this, can someone help?

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World Record Gaming Gathering.

A total of 342 gamers dressed as icons from games such as Final Fantasy, Zelda and Solid Snake in east London as part of the London Games Festival.They narrowly broke a record of 337 set last week in Germany.Festival director Duncan Best said: "It was a bit touch-and-go for a while but the gaming community really stepped up to the challenge."The record was verified by Guinness World Records at the Excel Centre in Docklands on Saturday.A further 50 fans in fancy dress could not take part, however, as rules stated that characters who were primarily famous from movies were disqualified."So we had people turning up dressed as Lego Batman, for example, who could not be counted," said Mr Best. Get your details right, BBC! We all know Batman is most famous from the TV show...Still, it would have been nice to see the Lego Batman costume.BBC StoryLondon Games FestivalGuinness World Records

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First of all wow i did not know there was a forum (oh geze i can have fun with this) but on to the headset buisnes i want to make a head set (you know like the ones those gamers use) because i have msn and one of my friends is moving back to germany soon and i still want to be able to talk to him but w/o long distance charges and so yeah mabye we could put a colaboration together

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Gamings Lost Gems

There are many games out there that have seemed to escape the public eye and has slipped under a sea of top-tier titles and remain unknown to many unfortunate gamers out there. I call upon the eccentric and the wise to cast their knowledge of lost gaming gems to those of us here, and let us have a few hours of gaming goodness. Remember that this is only for the lesser known titles, not the best or worst games. Thank you, and have fun.

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How can I convert an old laptop monitor to work like a (logitec-G15) display?

I have some old Laptops, one I would like to make the LCD work for a screen that reads my instant messages so as not to have to constantly minimize or affect while in game (yes I am a Gamer) I could run dual monitors but then that creates other issue. Thank-you in advance

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Should I let my son buy headphones? Answered

My sons birthday came and I bought him a cellphone and have him $50. We went shopping for a little while and pointed out some brand new gaming headphones that were $50. I said no because they were too much for a  headset and that I was teaching him a life lesson. He is an avid gamer so it disappointed him. What should I do? 

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Trigger happy gamers have organized, broken through the digital/analog divide, and have begun to play "real" games!Contestants in the StreetWars tournament dart through New York's alleyways with water guns in their hands. They're on a three week long, 24/7 assassination mission where the winner gets $500, the title of top squirter in town, and if all goes to plan, stays dry.Shadowy World of Squirt-Gun AssassinsThe New York Times

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i have an atari game with no label and i would like to know what it is called Answered

This is for the retro gamers out there i recently got an atari 2600 game with no label and i would like to know what it is called so i can label it. the gameplay seems to consist mostly of two people jumping back and forth on a sea-saw as far as i can tell (i think it uses the paddle controller and i don't have one) An answer is much appreciated?

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modular arcade cabinet idea?

Hey guys, For all you gamers and arcade fan out there. I got a chalenge for you. Can you think of a good way to make a modular arcade cabinet that would let you play with joystiq controler AND racing wheel with little as possible change to make. So a mix between a racing cabinet and a regular arcade cabinet. Show me what you can think of :)!

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How to i turn a computer power supply into a iron oxide creator? Answered

Forgive my english.    I am looking foward to use a  pc power supply to acelerate the process of oxidation. I want to make thermite for a science project and i want to make iron oxide.    Can i use the cables (positive and negative) of the pc power supply to make iron oxide? Thank you

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how to turn off family safety without logging into the monitors user account?

Hey i'm bella, 16 year old girl gamer that only wants to play wizard101 but my dad installed family safety into my laptop that now wont let me do anything, and my dad is never here so I cant get the password for it, so how can I get family safety off my laptop or some how restart my laptop to get the program off it? please answer me.

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Post your gaming rig (or any other rig) specs here

I figured there must be some PC gamers on here, so i think it's time we show how macho (or not) we are by posting the specs of our gaming rigs. I'll start:Pentium 4 @ 3.00ghz2gb DDR2 RAMPoint Of View 7600GT 256mb DDR3 PCI-E Graphics CardLogitech G15 Gaming keyboardLogitech G3 laser mouseGeneric HeadsetThis caseSo go ahead and post your rig.

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21 Halloween guides because you procrastinated!

Great Halloween Costumes Last Minute Ideas DIY Makeup Lady GaGa Costumes Amazing Pumpkin Carving Iron Man Guide Star Wars Costumes Baby Costumes Halloween Treats Dog Costumes Cheap and Amazing Costumes Make a Mask Gamer Costumes Halloween Decorations Mario Costumes Become Batman Halloween Crafts Haunted House Props Witchy Wonders Ten Costumes You'll Never Make Ten Costumes You Can't Believe Someone Made - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA

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Dual monitor vs one widescreen for simultaneous TV and computer work?

I am getting new computer with intergrated videio card and have been told it wil handle dual monitors.  Can I use part of a wide screen for TV while using the rest for computer work or do I need dual monitors for that.  Forgetting the TV issue doues using a wide screen for multiple programs work the same as dual monitors but just does not have a bezel down the cent.  I am not a gamer nor to I expect to watch DVD movies on this.

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Does anyone know how to disable an xbox live gamertag?

Last night someone stole my 360 and my playstation 2 and PSP, laptop, and TV.  I don't need to worry about anything except my 360 right now because that automatically signs me into Xbox live. So I need to figure out how to disable my xbox live account so the thieves don't use it anymore. Anyone know what they are doing?  If it helps, I still have the PC version of Halo 2, so I can sign into xbox live using that game since its on a "Games for windows" platform.

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Contest results!!!

Well, the results are in and im pretty happy with my decisons.I am kinda satisfied with how many entrees there were, but i was expectig more,soo on to the results, drum roll please............1ST place and the patch,spycam,and stickers goes to Wicky's gigantic crossbow!! for being so gigantic and haveing a true trigger, and getting a pretty damn good distance2nd place with a patch and stickers(yyaayayay) goes to Gamer 5's pump action with magazine gun for that pump action fun and a large magazine,plus it also has a uniqe desine.And third place with patches and stickers goes to all50's knex hybrid crossbowfor a rare knex crossbow,and it looks like a cool rifle.I didnt have any other honerable mentions, but all of you did good.

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Wirelessly charged mouse

I need some help from all yall out there. My idea is a wirelessly charged mouse. The mouse pad acts as the transmitter coil, and the receiver is in the mouse. The concept might not be phenomenal for gamers, but would be a step into getting rid of wires on our peripherals and really making wireless charging reality. Perhaps a .2 farad super capacitor (.2 Farads ~ 400mAh) could be used to prevent the mouse from dying if you drag if off the pad for a few minutes. I'd need help conceptualizing it and for those of you who know about electronics, assisting me in designing a schematic. The design would be open source so we can have literally anybody contribute and improve the idea. Leave a reply if you want in!

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PS2= multimedia server with windows?

Hello Everyone,My questions is as follows. My friend has an old PS2 collecting dust, dying to be cleaned and given new life. Sadly, i'm not much of a gamer and this console is out-of-date as of this writing. I read on some other websites that you could turn it into a multimedia server. There were two versions: the Windows one and the Linux one. The Win one disappeared from the web for whatever reason, and i'm not tech-savyy enough to play with Linux -- i'm an initiate as advanced pc user but nothing more. So my question to you is: do you think/know of a way to breathe new life into this console and unleash its multimedia center potential? Sound off in the comments!!

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Hey im writing a chapter story and i need some tips help and suggestions o.k here is what ive got there are 2 main characters chuck and jeff they are best friends chuck is a iraq veteran who got kicked out for traces of class a drugs and jeff is a serious gamer they both live in a chicks hous (yet to be named) and they go to liberty city for a illegal weapons deal but the buyers turn out to be cops and they just escape but they get caught and end up in prison but with bribing they get out but theyre still wanted alsothey meet a guy called tristan who helps them to get an old friend out (HAYD) and thats when i run out of ideas so can you help me by the way it is action/comedy

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Playstation 3 Info

So yes, my dad has said he will choose the PS3 as the free gift. So as you see im Estatic! I thought I might aswell get some info about the console, from gamers like yourself on instrutables. Just answer the questions: What is the best game to get on a PS3? Any regrets on buying it? ( e.g would of chose a different console, not worth it) Is it backwards compatible with other PS2 games ( if not is there a way to make it?) ? ( Im getting the 40gig - the only model available ) Which console do you think is going to win the next gen war? ( xbox has put up a good battle but the PS3 is picking up speed fast!) List of ps3 Must haves!!!? please. - Baron

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Games with Wi-Fi connection: Post your Friend Codes, IDs, etc. here so we can play together!

The main point of this topic is for I'blers to share their gaming Friend Codes, IDs or the like so that we all can play games together. Any games are fine, as long as it has Wi-FI capabilities. X-Box Live GamerTags and the like are also welcome.My gaming IDs:Pokemon Platinum: 4812 4433 2036 (IZANAGI)PS3 GamerTag: LovestoospoogeWell, that's it for now, I'm not really that big of a Wi-Fi competitor myself, but maybe you guys are, so post your Wi-FI gamer IDs and FCs here!

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Xbox 360 Mouse control via a PC. - Could it be done, and does anybody want to do it?

An idea and a question. Firstly. I have acquired an Xbox 360 ( oh yay.. ) but being a pc gamer, I never use it due to the control limitations. I can't kill anything with a paddle, whereas with a mouse I cannot be stopped. :] Now, I've searched and searched, and there are hardware modifications to allow the use of a mouse, but these are out of the question for myself and many others as I'd imagine. The idea: What I would like to do, or see done, is have a PC with software on it, and an adapter of some sort or another to run from the PC to an Xbox 360 USB port ( serial to USB data+ and data- ? ) The PC software would make the Xbox see the pc as a controller, from there the software on the pc could take inputted signals and output them to the xbox as though it was a regular controller.  I realize the software could be a fair challenge to make, but it would make some of us PC gamers fairly happy, being given the chance to whoop the buts of those on regular consoles.  The Question: Is anybody reading this capable of writing the software and making an adapter, and if someone is, would they be willing to do it? Thoughts: Perhaps an Xbox controller's signals could be monitored and mapped by watching the controller's output over USB. I am unsure if there is software to do this but I'd bet my house and left leg that it could be done via the Linux command line though.. ;) Would it be possible to connect two serial connections directly with the two USB data pins? A setup with minimal hardware would be ideal for most, if possible. ( referring to the things you need to build )  ^ - would it be fast enough? Any input would be appreciated.  -Jake

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Laptop Suggestions?

Recently I graduated high school, and I am now about to be a Freshman in college.  I was wondering if the Instructables Community could be nice enough to suggest a good computer to an incoming Freshman. I will be majoring in Broadcast Telecommunications and Mass Media, with a minor in Computer Science so I am going to need something that can handle video editing and storage pretty well.  Also, I am an avid PC gamer, so something that can handle games like Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands (just to name a few) would be great.   This is what I've been looking at and unless I can get any better suggestions, this is what I will probably get    Thanks for helping me out Instructables!

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lbp working games console

helleo i have made 2 working games consoles on lbp i am going to talk about the seconed one it is the sgr 30 it is called this because s is my gamer tag scenscoff91 sg is a game and computer  group i started for my freinds on lbp r stands for rainbow it is in their because games are in full coluor and i didnt want to call it spectrum in case id break a copy right law . 30 because thats how many images a cartirige can hold . check it out please if people want to im ofering to show people how to make their own games on lbp if you want to know how and me on psn my psn name is scenscoff91 no caps or spaces it uses cartrige to hod data serously games arnt that good yet but their beter than the first ones please check it out