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itouch? Answered

Is the i touch worth the cost

Question by Sean_Voodoo    |  last reply

itouch case?

how do i make an itouch screen cover and case?

Question by muguard    |  last reply

iTouch not syncing?

*I don't have it with me now, but tomorrow I WILL!* One of the kids in my class has got a problem. Her first iTouch's screen broke (I know how to fix that), but her replacement iPod wont sync with her computer. Could this be because iTunes can't sync with 2 iPod's on its "list"? I just want to know of any fixes so I don't go stumbling along.

Topic by wolf555hound    |  last reply

is jailbreaking a itouch worth it? Answered

Is jailbreaking a itouch worth it. i'm getting one tommorow. Also is instlliuos illegal?

Question by lockpick    |  last reply

anyone know how to fix an itouch that wont turn on????

I found an itouch and it wont turn on. i look on youtube and did everything such as holding the power and home but none happened..... so if u guys know how to fix it tell me

Question by HmOnGbOi    |  last reply

I got the front part of an iTouch

What should i do with it? i want to get the back for it but its gone. ill post pics of the parts i have (only two). ideas? suggestions? place where i can get the metal back to it?

Topic by REA    |  last reply

I need this answered - wireless with Itouch

Not sure of another forum to post this at so im looking at you guys!;=linksys+rangeplus&lp;=1&type;=product&cp;=1&id;=1202648529060Thinking of this, Will it work well with the ipod touch? no connection problems? Please tell me also if u have a ipod touch on it!

Topic by Killa-X    |  last reply

I just jailbroke my first gen I touch and now all I get is the apple logo and nothing else.

I just jailbroke my first gen I touch and now all I get is the apple logo and nothing else. If I plug it in, the itunes sees the itouch but it says that I need to use the unlock code that I put in. The problem is, it does not give me that screen anymore...just the dam apple.

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Looking to connect my Samsung Epic with a itouch together

I want to create something to connect both somehow. like a book or back to back, or something. Any ideas on items i can use?

Topic by redguardian    |  last reply

transferring voice/meeting from itouch to pc

This should be easy, i will be looking for my cables after this this, so this is a safety net if i fail,  i want to transfer  a meeting recorded  using the  iphone/itouch  italk app to my PC, i never used the app before, so messed up by not pretesting thoroughly, i still probably would have missed the limit on file size. i bought the premium version of italk next, big $2 , but it downloaded as a separate app. with no files to transfer, i figure rather then go crazy reading all the stuff i would take a earphone cord and plug it into one of my PC line in audio jacks and just play the file. like i did 20 some years ago with cassette tapes and vinyl. wish they would have put the limits on the front screen, i would have spent the 2 bucks to save all this  i looked for a folder to just import the folder or cay the folder the itouch, just accessed the dcim folder, the file is aiff and about 90 minutes so i if had a program to look into the the itouch i am sure i could copy it, would be way faster too, like 90minutes! anyone know a open source utility that would get me in into the itouch and get this proprietary hidden file? thanks in advance. /

Topic by escapefromyonkers  

Would you guys be able to tell me...

What's wrong with this iTouch? I can and will get pictures of all the insides. Im already getting a replacement screen, but I tihnk I need a new battery. The LCD screen is perfect. THe digitizer (plastic or glass front) Im getting a replacement for, but I think i need a new battery. THe iPod wont: Power On Show any screen Nothing happenes at all. What do you guys think?

Topic by wolf555hound  

how can you leave a comment on instructables on the ipod touch? Answered

How do you do it. It shows the comment box but it doesn't let me type

Question by XxAwesomexX    |  last reply

Anybody know what i can do to fix my ipod?

My brand new ipod touch 4th gen will not sync correctly, the music will not play, and I cannot use the apps that do get put on, because they have a loading bar on them that says "waiting". Anybody know what I can do to fix this? The music shows up, and if I try to play it, it says that it is playing, but nothing happens. Help!!!

Question by VerendusVir    |  last reply

is the ipod touch worth buying? if it is, which one, the first or second generation?

I was thinking about buying an itouch. I already have a 4gb zen but unlike the itouch, it cant hold apps or alot of videos. I was thinking of not spending over $200 (U.S.) because i only have about $100 now and money is pretty hard for me to come by. Well, is it worth buying?

Question by naruto 777    |  last reply

My ipod wont turn on!! HELP!!!!?

I downloaded an app off cydia turned it off then turned it back on but then it wouldnt!! i tried charging it pressing buttons but nothing worked! HELP!!!

Question by kalebbean    |  last reply

Most Requested Mods and FUTURE Features for iPod/Phone

Post YOU ideas for mods or future features here: Mild: 1) better battery life 2) built in speaker 3) Bluetooth 4) WiFi WILD: 1) HDMI output 2) SATA connectors for TB Drives 3) Optical audio Out 4) 5.1 Audio ERCK

Topic by erckgillis    |  last reply

Comment system

The comment system on the itouch does not work can someone fix the font back to wiki

Topic by XxAwesomexX  

My jailbroken itouch keeps turing on and off please help!!!!!!!!!!

My jailbroken itouch said to exit safe mode and i turned the itouch off and turned it on but it turns on to the apple signs when you usually turn it on and then it goes off and then it goes on WHAT HAPEND I NEED TO FIX ITTT!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DO I DO IT? AND SORRY FOR THE CAPS LOCK

Question by supercoolbuilder3321  

Where can I get a microphone for my iTouch? Answered

I want to get headphones with a mic, a mic adapter, headset, or whatever for my iPod Touch. It's generation is Late 2009, 8gb. Thanks.

Question by MegaMaker    |  last reply

Is there any way to utilize the itouch's built in wireless sensor?

I want to be able to listen to my iPod with my sound system speakers wirelessly. It seems to me that you should be able to attach a transmitter to audio left right cords.

Question    |  last reply

How can i modify my older ihome to charge my new itouch and still use the alarm function. It still plays music.

Although my ihome will play music from my itouch 3G, it will not charge it and i can no longer use it as an alarm clock if the itouch is docked.  I was hoping for a simple adapter that will help the old ihome recognize the new itouch's handshake.  My daughter is not likely to accept a solution with wires hanging out (as she is a little shy and anything that makes her stand out "oddly" is unacceptable).  Any suggestions? 

Question by patresmini    |  last reply

If I buy an iphone 3g do i have to have a 3g plan to use it?

Also can I use it like an itouch?

Question by qwerty29    |  last reply

How do you fix a Apple jail broken Ipad or ipod touch or Iphone?? Brian M Bernal

I would like to reset to factory settings does anyone know how for an iPhone iPod or itouch?   Brian M Bernal

Question by brianmbernal    |  last reply

Is is possible to Un-Jailbreak an iPod Touch?

If I ever get an iPod Touch, I may want to Jailbreak it, and I want to know if the Jailbreaking process is reversible at all.

Question by Foaly7    |  last reply

how do i get ethernet on my ipod touch?

Can i get internet by plugging in my usb cord into the computer or is there some way

Question by 1997589    |  last reply

how can i watch live tv on my itouch or Computer? Answered

 i dont know if its possible or not but if you can help great

Question by mac.maniac77    |  last reply

I think I permanently bricked my itouch. Can someone please help? ? Answered

I tried to jailbreak my iPod Touch with redsn0w .9.2, but now my itouch is completely messed up. And by that, I mean it won't even turn on! If I press the power button (or the power button with the home button), it doesn't even turn on! The screen just remains black, so I can't even restore it. Is it possible to repair this? And if not, can I get it repaired at an apple store without them finding out?

Question by Shagglepuff    |  last reply

how do i replace glass screen on itouch 2g?

I have a i touch 2g dont know how to take case off or how to replace outside screen? please help

Question by mad60505    |  last reply

what apps should i get?

What are the best apps you all think are best in the app store. so i can get good apps on my itouch.

Question by 1997589    |  last reply

I am looking for the easiest way to convert my iTouch into a phone Can anyone help me, or, direct me to a link? Thanks!

Hello All,  I am in need of some type of a conversion program, or(?) whatever will work, hopefully not to hard, in order to allow me to use my iTouch as a phone. I've been told that just buying headphones with a microphone, would do it but I don't see how? Has anyone out there found an App one can download, or any other type of program??  Appreciate any/all answers or suggestions,    C.Forman

Question by mrforman    |  last reply

Buying broken iPods (preffer iTouch gen 2 and above.)

Hello. I'm buying broken iPod Touch. Generation 2 and above.  If you have any and will be willing to let me have them for a fair price, contact me here or at thanks

Topic by abregovic  

Can I jailbroke my iTouch 3.1.1 firmware with Blackra1n?

I have a 2G iPod with the 3.1.1 (7C145) firmware. If I Jailbroke it with Blackra1n I can change the theme, instal free apps through the installer, etc. But can I keep using the standard iPod apps (Like Facebook, safari, music, etc.) and download things through the AppStore?

Question by diegolay    |  last reply

Cydia not showing some apps.

I recently jailbroke my iPod touch using FinalSn0w. I have been looking around for apps to download, but some of the ones I'm looking for (SBSettings, for example) will not show up when I search for them. If someone could help me, it would be greatly appreciated. -Hobbs

Topic by ItsTheHobbs  

Itunes album art HELP!?

I just recently got my first Ipod and I've got album art on itunes its self, but not on my ITouch! I cant for the life of me figure out Why! I've tried all kinds of tricks but I'm stumped!!

Question by Laserman595    |  last reply

How to operate the Iphone's touchscreen with gloves on.

Now that it's 20 degrees Fahrenheit outside, I normally wear some thick gloves to keep my hands warm. But whenever I need to use my Iphone, I need to slip them off to operate the touchscreen. I heard that the Iphone touchscreen recognizes the electrical resistance of the skin to measure where you're touching it, but I don't know if this is true. I was wondering if there was any method to perhaps simulate the resistance of my skin on the fingertips of my gloves using some substance. The problem is, I don't what to use. Also, if what I heard was wrong, I would appreciate any other suggestions on how to use the touchscreen without taking my gloves off.

Topic by hydrnium.h2    |  last reply

hi i have looked at most portable ipod chargers but i could not find any that worked for the itouch 2nd gen please help?

OK hi i have looked at most portable ipod chargers but i could not find an that worked for the itouch 2nd generation please help...?

Question by ppatches24  

Looking for a iTouch USB cord wiring diagram? Repairing the USB cord

Hey, I have two old USB cords form my iPod Touch laying around, and I took one apart to find that two of the wires simply pulled free of the part that goes into the iPod. I'm not willing to risk blindly soldering them back on and hopefully not frying my iPod to test it out, without at least a few tips as to which wire goes where. Could anyone help me? The four wire colors are green, blue, orange, and white. Orange and white are the ones that pulled free. Thanks :)

Topic by mojobo1  

Noise filter on iPod dock

I recently completed a project where i made my own iPod Touch charging dock for a set of PC speakers. While testing it out i noticed there is some background noise/feedback coming through the speakers any time the iTouch is actually charging. Is there any way i can shield against this interference? Or is the proximity of the headphone jack to the iPod connecter to much of a problem to overcome without alterations to the iTouch itself? I've notice this problem before while listening to my iTouch through it's speaker or headphones when it was plugged into a wall charger or PC.

Topic by mpilchfamily  

iPhone App Selling Prices? Answered

What is the best price to sell an RSS based search engine app on the app store (Apple inc.)? Also, what apps do people need most (besides games)

Question by chilll2009    |  last reply

iPad, worth the buy?

The iPad has came out quite recently, and ever since I have been thinking about getting one. I'd heard a lot of good things about it, but then again, I have also heard some bad things, so I'm not so sure what to do now.  I would like some of your opinions on if you think if it is worth buying, or maybe if I should wait for a newer version to come out.   Please, actually give me some reasonable answers, not something like "Oh, you shouldn't buy one because it's dumb..." or the sort. If you own an iPad, could you tell me if it has been useful for you and in what way?

Topic by zascecs    |  last reply

How do you get pictures from an itouch to the computer than on instructables?

I am working with the latest gen ipod and an acer aspire one netbook, i have tried e mailing myself and i dragged the pictures to my desktop, however when i attempthe to use them in an instructable it failed to show my image, it just showed a hand, is this normal? i have never made an instructable before and i am confused.

Question by Spritie    |  last reply

Can you put flash games on an ipod touch?...? Answered

...or even play them online from the safari app? from what i've seen on the internet you can't, but I was really wondering if it could be done with a jailbroken ipod and if ipod 3rd party app developers are making an app to do such thing or would making such thing require a hardware change (not just a software change?)

Question by orangecrush    |  last reply