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Is it me, or are comments, and the author tab and the related tab not showing up? Also, instead of white, only the top is white. The background is no longer white for the whole instructable. It is really bugging me

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Sharir1701 Knex Gun Videos To Be Removed

Hey guys! If you don't know me, this probably won't interest you much, so go right ahead. On the other hand, if you do know me, I just wanted to make a short announcement for the sake of clarification and understanding. Again, if you know me, then you would have known that I used to make innovative style Knex guns and I was quite the messy builder. I had a few good guns along the line (REMPAR, all S-series, M17s), and some pretty horrible ones too (SABR, FPMG, SAR5). I've stopped building for over a year now, and I'm pretty confident I'm not going to go back to it. I still have all my Knex boxed up somewhere, but I won't be using it in the conceivable future. Now, I'm sure not many of you know this, but I've started not so long ago, to be a small YouTuber. I post almost exclusively MineCraft content, of all shapes and sizes, and I am quite passionate about that. Now, the old Knex videos I have on my channel are all unlisted, so that nobody on my channel can find them, but you guys here can still watch them if necessary. For a couple months now I've been watching the analytics for my Knex videos and it seems like almost no one at all is still watching them, which seems very reasonable, as they're quite old and most people have already seen them. I don't REALLY mind them being there, but I would prefer to remove them, as I have absolutely no interaction with them, and as it appears, nobody does, really. So, I've decided to remove them from my channel. I'm not going to go straight ahead and remove them right now, no. What I've decided to do is to post this forum topic letting anybody who's interested know about this, and consider it for a second. So, my point is, if there's anybody who would like me to keep those videos up, for some reason, please tell me down below. I will make my final decision in two weeks from now, on January 15th (-ish). Just a little bit of advice, if anyone wants to see any of my videos for the last time, it would probably be a good idea to do so now, and that's also part of the reason I'm posting this. I'd just like to point out that me taking these videos down has no other implications on my Instructables account. All my 'ibles will remain as they are, but just without the videos. I'm probably going to forget to even take the embedded videos off if I do delete them from YouTube. So, once again, let me know if you really want me to keep them, if you're still interested, go watch them now, and lastly, have a happy new year and an amazing day! GODSPEED!

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K'nex Innovators Contest: discontinued until further notice

Can't be bothered to keep this contest going. If anyone else wants to run it or create their own, go for it. ~Point board~ Waffleman - 10 Kinetic - 9 Jollex - 4 Arjun - 3 Sharir - 3

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TDAC 2.0 concept video demonstration

Hey guys ! this is a video demonstration of my new idea for the TDAC concept, which i made about 2-3 months ago for TD, when i was gonna work on it with him (we never did, but oh well). i'm uploading this now so that anyone could give the concept a try as well. if you don't fully understand the concept, you can go check out TD's original concept on one of his forum topics. i encourage anyone at all, veteran or new, to try this concept, for it is simple, but challenging and tricky. also, it might be a round for the KIC sometime, so...

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We need diferent types of semi autos!!

Hey guys while i was working on my new semiauto that me and kinetic were building i was wondering if any of you had any other ideas for a semiauto. i feel like we need more designs and concepts. i am willing to build upon your idea and recognize you. right now all we have is Kinetics KLS. V2, me and kinetics Kinno-1,and sharir's new semi auto. we need more than that. so please post your ideas here so othr people know whata your thinking. anything helps. seriously.  thank you innovanna

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S2 Bolt Action Pistol Review

When joined Ibles, I knew that I didn't have any guns ready to upload, so, I decided to post some reviews, being that I already had some  guns built. The S2 pistol by  Sharir1701 seemed to be a logical choice, so I grabbed some blue rods did a little bit of testing. Please realize that even though I have just joined the site, I have a wide range of experience with knex guns, such as the ZKAR, TR8, Racker Rifle, and many of Red Book of Westmarch's replicas. In this review I am not going to do the ratings on a scale of one to ten, because Knex guns differ so much. Say you have a gun that shoots 70 feet. You give it a eight out of ten, because that is great range. However, the SRV3 shoots 500 feet, so 70 feet is NOT eight out of ten any more. Due to that, a truly honest review would rate even very nice guns quite low, due to the fact something will probably is better. If you don't understand this, that is OK, because I do, and I am the one writing the review. Also note that this one has Sharir's pin guide holder thingy. Anyway, let's jump right into the review! RANGE:  Frankly, this gun does not live up to Sharir's claim of 100+ feet. I only got 65-70 angled using two size 117 bands, which is still great range for any gun. Sharir says that it will only get that range with three bands. Sometime ago, I used 3 and did not 100 feet. I don't remember what exactly I got with three, but I am sure it didn't get past 75-80 feet. RELIABILITY: This is one of the gun's good points. Knex bolt actions don't have a great reputation for being reliable, but the S2 works nice and smooth. When I decided to review the pistol, I thought it would be nice to test the reliability and give ya'll the numbers. Here they are. I put the gun through two hundred rounds, and it had: 3 failures to fire, 4 failures to load, the pin guide broke twice, the bolt broke once, and the chambering rod popped out of the bolt twice. Now this sounds REALLY bad. However, the pin guide issues, the chambering rod issues and the failures to load were my fault.  The pin guide and chambering rods broke when I was jerking the bolt back too vigorously, and the rounds that wouldn't load were because I was manually  chambering the round, instead of having a return band chamber it. after I added the band, no trouble. ROF: Now this is one part I didn't really test. It charges slower then a ZKAR, but faster then most pin guns. It is good enough for most uses in a Knex war. COMFORT: Pretty comfortable. The handle is quite good, and I think it would be even better for someone with larger hands then mine. The problem is that there is not really a good place for your other hand to go except for the magazine, which doesn't make the best handle. To be truthful, it is kinda awkward to hold. It is too big for a pistol, but doesn't have a stock like a rifle. (Ok, you COULD use the pin guide holder as a stock, but it doesn't work that well) CUT PARTS: The gun is fine when it comes to these. There are several recommend, but you only need one cut gray rod for the chambering rod. ALL IN ALL: This is an awesome gun. not too many pieces,  looks kinda cool, and is fairly accurate. The ammo is blue rods, and i have a couple hundred of those, so it works great for me. Range seems about right, and it is very fun to shoot. In a war it would do pretty good, but the ammo is hard to find in the grass. The mag is a bit small, holding around 13 rods due to the mag pusher taking up quite a bit of space in the mag. This, a TR8, and a ZKAR would make a fine war arsenal.

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Post Me_New ID Forum

FORUM for Post Me_New IDCYNETart_08 festival / TMA Hellerau in Dresden | 31st October - 2ndNovember 2008* media art festival CYNETart_08 held in Dresden, Germany,will host the forum "Post Me_New ID" from 31st October to 2nd November 2008. The forum will bring together interdisciplinary practitioners in art and technology to discuss in various formats, from keynotes to Quickfires, issues concerning contemporary and future forms of networked creations and multi-identities. Among the speakers andperformers there will be kondition pluriel (Germany/Canada), Mika Satomi andHannah Perner-Wilson (Austria), Steve Dixon (UK), Yacov Sharir (USA), Masaki Fujihata (Japan), Hellen Sky (Australia), Denisa Kera (Czech Republic/Singapore), Michael Takeo Magruder (Unites States/United Kingdom), Sita Popat (United Kingdom), Susanne Berkenheger (Germany) and many more.The forum is planned as a platform for reflection on how we are creatively and socially engaged in digital networks, how we perform our online and offline identities, how we have become plural and variable post human bodies. "We are asking ourselves > what is next?< applying the to-be-presented theories to our own cultural/art creating and networking practices"... says Ghislaine Boddington (United Kingdom), one of the forumorganisers.Title: Post Me_New IDFormat: International forumDates: 31st October -- 2nd November 2008Place: Festspielhaus Hellerau, Dresden, GermanyCo-producers:body>data>space (London, UK) - CIANT |International Centre for Art and New Technologies (Prague, CzechRepublic) - TMA | Trans-Media-Academy Hellerau (Dresden,Germany) - Kibla (Maribor , Slovenia) - www.kibla.orgThere will be a call for Quickfire presentations, designed to enablespeakers and delegates to present their ideas in a dynamic andinnovative way. Each speaker will have chance to present their project orgive an overview of their work in a Quickfire format: 14 presentationslides, 30 seconds per slide, 1 image or 10 words per slide. Pleasecontact Thomas Dumke for more information.To receive news on Post Me_ New ID please register at: you have any questions, please contact Thomas Dumke, head of CYNETartFestival, or +49-351-8896665****************************************SCHEDULE*FRIDAY October 31st -- Networked Creations [see] forfull detail ]SATURDAY November 1st -- Multi-Identities [see] for fulldetail ]SUNDAY November 2nd -- Future Visions [see] for full detail ]If you are a UK resident we really encourage you to come along to thisexciting event and can help you to find a good deal on flights andaccommodation.Please email for information.Post Me_New ID examines the complexity of 21st century European identitythrough an exploration based on the effect of digital technologies of thebody and identity. An active and public Blog is fed by a series of debateled Research Engines with a Forum, Book and DVD as the end products. Inaddition a series of Creation Processes will result in a publicInstallation / Performance.Post Me_New ID forum is co-produced by an international consortium ofpartners coming from Czech Republic, Germany, Slovenia and United Kingdom,within an action/research project of the same name, which focuses on thefuture of the body, and is co-financed by the European Commission underCulture 2007 programme.****************************************Co-producers for Post Me_ New ID are:*body>data>space - www.bodydataspace.netCIANT - www.ciant.czTrans-Media-Akademie Hellerauwww.body-bytes.deKibla -*Associated Funding Bodies & Institutions for Post Me_ New ID are:*European Commission DG Education and Culture - Culture Council England - City Hall - Commission -- Culture - of Culture - Czech Republic - www.mkcr.czResCen - Centre for Research into Creation in the Performing Arts -www.rescen.netEZKA - European Centre for the Arts - www.kunstforumhellerau.deMestna obina Maribor - of the Republic of Slovenia - Ministry of Culture*The 14 Associated partners for Post Me_ New ID are:*A4-nulty priestor - Bratislava - www.a4.skBrunel University - London,UK - University - Czech Republic - www.cuni.czGrains and Pixels - Sweden - Sky - Australia - www.hellensky.comLeeds University - UK - Creations - France - www.m2fcreations.frMultiplace - Slovakia - DCM Foundation - Romania - and Ignite - London,UK - Middlesex University - London,UK - CULTURE - China - www.skaculture.comSwap-Project - Portugal - www.swap-project.comTokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music - Tokyo, Japan***************************************

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