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Does anyone know how to get skype on a nintendo DSI?

Question by woodsRAIDER007    |  last reply

Skype blackmail!

Hey is there a way to find out details of someone on skype that try's to blackmail u even if it's a fake profile???

Topic by Mykl89    |  last reply

who has a skype?


Question by knexsuperbuilderfreak    |  last reply

Skype live show.

I have an idea for a live show on skype.  However I need to work out some details for it, such as when to host it.  Everyone listening in can be in a conference call with me, and so forth. My skype name is dj_jazzy_jeff1, but if you want to participate, you must tell me your skype name in the comments and be willing to contribute if I am to add you to the contacts list.

Topic by DJ Radio    |  last reply

Anyone got Skype?

Anyone got Skype? If so, can you PM me your name on it? You dont have to give me it if you dont want. But if you do.... GIZ ME IT NAO! :))

Topic by Hiyadudez    |  last reply

how skype works? Answered

a close frien of mine owns acer laptop. he also owns a huwaei usb modem. He installed skpe but he doesnt know to use it. please help coz i don wanna say i also don know. Do it Skpe use the phone line or do it use the internet? Must you have a web cam? How do you contact somebody else on skpe? What is skype credit?

Question by mauricewarebee    |  last reply

which is better Vontage or Skype?

Can anyone tell me which is better Vontage or Skype? I’m in Afghanistan and I have a pretty good internet connection, but we need REALLY good speaker phones for calls back the US. Which company is better and which speakerphone works the best with them? Thanks.  

Topic by inchman  

any knexers have skype

 if so plaese give me id or wat ever

Topic by knexfreak95    |  last reply

Hearing skype ringing when i am out of the room?

How could i make a simple systems ( with out to much electronics knowledge - but able to solder) a system that either alerts me out of the computer room when my skype is rining or does so and lets me take the call away from the computer - ie a normal portable handset ..?

Question by agatornz    |  last reply

why does my skype getting stuck when i logged in?and cannot minimize too?

M skype getting stuck when i logged in...and cannot minimize it too..if i try to close it it will take few moments get close...n getting log out automatically..why this happening?

Question by shifna iqbal    |  last reply

any knexers have a skype/aim?

Any knexers have a aim or skype just comment /pm me NOTE:my aim has changed it is now ksbf113

Topic by knexsuperbuilderfreak    |  last reply

good sell wireless skype phone

Skype 2.4GHz Wireless USB Phone : WP-01 USB phone use the latest DSP special chip, and combine 2.4GHz wireless module, it is widely applied in Internet network environment, which accord with SKYPE protocol. For example, enterprise LAN, city area network, telecom operate department, international internet entry user etc. The greatest feature of this phone is receiving and talking via handhold wireless telephone, makes the telephone more human.

Topic by chinakorinna2008  

Skype and let people see me and desktop at same time Answered

I want to  find a solutoin that lets other people view my desktop as part of Skype - if you're editing a paper, having the other co-authors being able to see the paper. I want the whole desktop on skype as well as me with sound, I have hypercam

Question by alpe_97    |  last reply

Ok so i play minecraft and use skype only, Would a computer like this do (look below){and if not send me an example}?

This is what im looking at: If this isnt good for what i said above send me an  example link plz

Question by kevincity228    |  last reply

Wanted: Someone who can record/edit skype convos.

If you can edit and record skype convos, this is for you. Basically, The edits I need are:Removal of silence in the convoadding of *bleeps* if necessarythe ability to join 2 different skype convosremoval of unnecessary material in the convo.The editor should also have to:Listen to my voice and Izangi's voice for a period of timetalk in the convoIf you wanna volunteer, just say so! Anyone can join, as long as they can do the recording/editing and are willing to do the duties listed above.Thanks!- DJ

Topic by DJ Radio    |  last reply

Thinking about making a skype group chat for you knexersss

If you're interested, please message me with your skype-name and I'll add you. I think this would greatly increase the collaboration aspect that if I remember correctly, was quite important when building with these plastics. I'm not implying that we'll be in a call all the time or anything just that there should be a place (much like KIchat, could go there too) to get help/feedback a lot faster than making a new thread and stuff.

Topic by ZakS    |  last reply

Is it possible to find the IP address of a Skype user?

Hi everyone, I was wondering if there is a way to find the IP address of a Skype user. Me and a lot of my friends have been getting heaps of people just saying "Hello! Please add me to your contact list" and then if you reply they say "How can you forget me, I want to meet with you, You can view my picture here..". (and that link redirects to a p0*n site, and it is the same link every time) I want to find their IP address to see if the same individual is doing it or if it is multiple people, because this is getting out of hand and just blocking them and reporting them won't help. I'm using a program called "SocketSniff" to find the IP addresses that Skype is using, but I can't seem to find any that are a home computer... They all seem to be servers. Any help finding who is doing this and helping me to find the IP will be greatly appreciated

Topic by thermoelectric    |  last reply

plam treo 750

What can i do with a old palm treo 750 its dead cant turn it on is there anyway i could hack it for it to work

Topic by mr.militarymaster    |  last reply

Whats better an alienware x51 or an Aurora (read Description)? Answered

I have heard from many people that alienwares are kinda the best computers. Well i went to the website on desktops. and i saw the X51 and the aurora The only things i want to do on a computer is play minecraft (and Modpacks) at Good settings, talk on skype, and if needed run a Modpack server (like Tekkit) for 4 of my friends. the Aurora seems more expensive but can hold 32ram (which is used for minecraft servers) if there is a better place to buy computers for the reasons above place a link below 

Question by TheHappy123    |  last reply

How do I make an Xbox 360 headset to standard 3.5 mm adapter, so I can use it with my PC?

The 360 headset has a cell phone headset-sized jack, I think, which I have a female matching end for. I also have plenty of 3.5 mm male jacks laying around, along with the rest of the required basic materials and tools (wire, duct tape, soldering iron).

Question by Aeshir    |  last reply

Idea: Raspberry Pi Skype Packet Sniffer - activates GPIO?

I had an idea for an interesting project: I'd really like a 'on air' light to light outside my office door whenever I am on a Skype call. I thought maybe of using a Raspberry Pi to monitor network traffic, looking for Skype packets. When a packet is detected, it turns the light on?  Any thoughts? 

Question by joearkay    |  last reply

I play minecraft and im thinking on buying a new computer is 16gb of ram good enough(keep in mind i use skype too)? Answered

I am wondering if a 16gb ram DDR3 Quad core computer if good enough for playing minecraft, skyping, and possible recording at the same time. This is what I am looking at:;=item5d4a47d7fb   OH AND WHEN IT SAYS 16gb do they mean ram ( thats what im thinking)

Question by kevincity228    |  last reply

How do you turn a Blackberry Curve into a Skype phone?

 I have an 8320 T-Mobile Blackberry Curve. It's in perfect condition, but with no service. Is there a way to "hack" it so that I may use it as a Skype phone? I've looked on Crackberry and the likes, to no avail?

Question by ohnoitsrhob    |  last reply

i am trying to make a remote controlled truck?

Well the idea is to use a smartphone and get skype working on that smart phone why skype? video and mic + audio(analog input) from skype as the signal to control the arduino board(ie i will have to make a simple application which will make specific distinct sound when i press the keys) well the reason why i am using audio is because i cant think of other way to control the arduino from the smartphone well i have heard of people hooking up the arduino using otg cable ,but i am exactly  not sure how that works  WELL THE DESIGN IS STILL ON PAPER ,I STILL DONT KNOW IF THE ANALOG THING WILL ACTUALLY WORK! i would like suggestion from people!!!!

Question by cthaliyath    |  last reply

Skype on Android stopped working after OS update

If you use Android and Skype you might have encountered the same problem that I did after the last Skype update. For some reason the chat still works fine but neither incoming nor outgoing calls work. I did not even see an incoming call or hear the "ringing" when trying to call someone. The Skype support is in no way helpful in this matter as I did spent several hours reading through the support and forum sections only to realise they are not interested in addressing the issue. They will fix it with the next version but make no claims on when the next version will be available. As I had not used Skype for a while I only knew it worked just fine before I was greeted with the new look and "features". After a lot of trial and error I found a workaround to solve the problem for now: 1. Disable the automated updates for Skype. To do so go into the playstore and seach for Skype. Once found you will find three little dots in the top right corner of the screen, right next to the search button. Tap on it and untick the automated updates. 2. Uninstall Skype in app manager, also clear the cache while you are there. 3. Go to a nice website that stores older program versions, like Uptodown (there are many others if you search Google): 4. Download and install version 5.10.57240 - do not start it after you installed it! 5. Repeat step 1. If the box for the updates is still unticked leave it otherwise untick it again - you don't want an automated update right now. 6. Start Skype, provide your login details and it should work just fine again. Additional infos... This is a workaround and no solution. The version I mentioned worked fine for me, you might have to try a different one if you still have problems. You should check every now and then if a newer version of Skype is available and if so test it. Skype started to disable older versions which means it is possible that your old version refuses to work - you will be able to tell as Skype give an error message claiming you have network problems, this is a clear indicator of a blocked version. At the time of writing this version was current.

Topic by Downunder35m  

hi...was just wondering if there was a way i could use a telephone headset or an x360 headset to use skype?

 id appreciate the help...just a link even. thanks a ton in advance.?

Question by just lady    |  last reply

How do I disguise my voice as another voice, like a character from a series (Specifically Twilight Sparkle)?

I want to disguise my voice on Skype as a character from My Little Pony, specifically Twilight Sparkle. Is there a specific voice changer I could use so that I can disguise my voice as Twilight Sparkle on Skype? Please help ASAP.

Question by BlazeC1    |  last reply

(newsletter) Hidden USB Storage, Skype Phone, Make a Tent...

Oct 9, 2008 Sign-up for this newsletter: function openSubscribePopUp(src){ var emailValidate = /\w{1,}[@][\w\-]{1,}([.]([\w\-]{1,})){1,3}$/ if(emailValidate.test(src.value) == false){ alert("Please enter correct email"); return; }"/newsletter/newslettersignup?email=" + src.value,"newslettersignup1","status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=420,height=250"); } Welcome back! The DIY Halloween Contest has launched! We've partnered with some of your favorite websites to bring you the biggest and best Halloween contest ever -- and we've got tons of great prizes to give away. Show us your best costumes, treats, gadgets, jack-o-lanterns, and more! Enter your food or kitchen-gadget hack into the Hungry Scientist Contest and win your choice of a Kitchen Aid mixer, a super nice knife set, or a Le Creuset Enamel Cast Iron Cook Set. Help us with your answers for our Burning Questions and win a cool prize pack!The Forbes Fabergé-Style Egg Contest still needs your eggs! Take an egg (real or fake) and decorate it inside and out in homage to the classic Fabergé style. You can win a Sonos music system, and get your egg featured in the Forbes Galleries in New York City!Live near San Francisco or planning a trip? Stop by for one of our build nights and make something awesome in our office! October 23: Halloween open build night. Hidden USB Storage by stonehenge360 Climbing Halloween Skeletons by mckeephoto Design and Build a Recycled Tent by bentm Motion Activated Spider from Ace by StumpChunkman Tons and tons of spooky andamazing prizes!Last weekend to enter! Low Cost Hobby Servo XY Table by CarlS Breakable Tombstone by ZogCast The Egg of Time - Fabergépunk by gmjhowe Brew Hard Cider from Scratch by actsofsubterfuge French Toast Recipe by mikeasaurus Art Nouveau Iris Emu Egg Shell by bbstudio Homemade Jam, the French Way by My House Boutique Alien Egg for Face Hugger by kristylynn84 Win some sweet tools for yourkitchen with a food hack! 10 Instructables covering basicskills to advanced techniques Turn a dead cell phone into a "SkypeCell" by JFDuval How to clean a hardshell gourd by indeepknit Ghost Shoes by fungus amungus Colored noodles, for eating! by caturday_projects Now go make something awesome, and I'll see you next week! - Eric Sign-up for this newsletter: function openSubscribePopUp(src){ var emailValidate = /\w{1,}[@][\w\-]{1,}([.]([\w\-]{1,})){1,3}$/ if(emailValidate.test(src.value) == false){ alert("Please enter correct email"); return; }"/newsletter/newslettersignup?email=" + src.value,"newslettersignup2","status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=420,height=250"); }

Topic by fungus amungus    |  last reply

Connect a cordless phone to a computer and use over Skype/Google, etc

Has anyone come across a way to connect a cordless phone to your computer and use to talk over Skype, Google Talk, or similar?

Topic by awascholl    |  last reply

how can i call my friend with out the use of money or a phone? Answered

My friend is long distance and if i want to call him i cant because my phone charges for long distance and i dont want to pay for skype any ideas around this?

Question by knexsuperbuilderfreak    |  last reply

Do you want to use Skype out more comfortable and convenient

Inside 128M USB Disk. It can be changed as the clients wish 128*64 Dot Matrix LCM, it can show multi-language and information of calls wonderfully It can show the date and time Compatible with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution such as SKYPE It can make a PC-to-PC calls for free and PC to PSTN or MOBILE calls through Internet. Echo-cancellation for better sound quality Can set speed dials, design as mobile phone There is a DTMF dialing keyboard, can dial on the phone as normal phone Can make a call to SKYPE by using SKYPE software, or make a call to normal phone by SKYPE out Professional processor and special arithmetic for high timbre quality Use I2C port, more simply and convenient Inside LED, shows the statement of coming calls, calls, silence, dialing, on hook, name list It can save the received calls and the dialed number as many as you wish It can make a call through SKYPE calling list Several types of ring tones for incoming call alert, The display of USB Phone and SKYPE can be concurrence As a speaker to broadcast music from PC No need superfluity power supply Can adjust the volume during a call Connecting statement auto-checking No need to bear the ‘earphone and microphone’, just answer the phone when it rings One phone for VoIP, make it more convenient Can use as the earphone of Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, MS NetMeeting, Talk and so on, supports dialing by USB We can exploit more functions according to the customer's inner information about the operation details So if you have any requirement of VoIP equipment, please contact us. TEL:+86-755-27918959 MSN: Skype: cobbyzhou Yahoo Massager: cobby_zhou E-mail:

Topic by cobbyzhou    |  last reply

How can I make a skype/email/ect notification board?

How would I be able to make a board that will light up and notifies whenever I get a skype message, email, email, perhaps when a torrent finishes, Facebook notifications, and perhaps anything else (ideas are welcome)? I'd like to use l.e.d's, but I am not sure how to wire it up (or any circuitry for that matter) would anyone have any ideas for this? Thanks in advance!

Question by Warlrosity  

Magic: The Gathering

Anyone wanna play against me over skype? sn: corey-caffeine

Topic by corey_caffeine    |  last reply

Making Game Designer Team

Looking For Game Designer Team. There already are 2 members of it. But we need help of course. We cannot keep it up by ourselfs. We would also be grateful for any kind of idea ! You need to have Skype, so we can chat while we are making the game itself. You must know how to use Unity3D. You can get it here:                           And of course at least basics of Modeling and Java Scripting. We are also looking for: - Art Director - Animator - Modeler Apply Format: Your Real Name: Your Real Age: Skills in Modeling / JavaScripting  - 1/10: Skills in Unity3d  - 1/10: Your Skype: Your English knowledge - 1/10: -------------------------------------------------- My Skype is: nejc.drobnic1 Contact me, and send me the apply and we will talk via skype.

Topic by Noshrac    |  last reply

iOS6 logging out issues.?

I do a lot of my casual browsing on my iPod. However, since "upgrading" to iOS6, I seem to get logged out a lot. Not just here, but email pages, other forums, even Skype - if I spend too long off a page, or not actually on a Skype conversation, then I get logged out. Anybody know how to fix this?

Question by Kiteman    |  last reply

how to use iPhone as webcam?

How we can attach iPhone with computer and use it as webcam on Skype or yahoo messenger as i don't have webcam there must be any software or application

Question by smitmad    |  last reply

Adobe premiere HELP!?

Ok i have made a video using ADOBE premiere pro When i go to export it to upload it to youtube its really small and its makes it into an incredibally large file(674mb) As you can see in the picture black frame around video. I really dont know how to change this and would be gratefull if someone could help me. You can add me on msn or email me at or skype me my skype is CamB00 many thanks and i hope there is somone ot there who can help me.

Question by camb00  

How can I get a JVC GZ MG555U camcorder to work as a webcam on a Macintosh?

The camcorder effectively connects with iMovie but it's not recognized by not iChat, Skype, or any other video conferencing programs.

Question    |  last reply

Something is up... Can you try to figure it out?

Ok, so today I was in a League of Legends match. My friend called me on skype. I wasn't able to answer as the screen was fullscreen on LOL. When i got back, my friend had sent me these exact three messages:  [3/23/13 8:08:23 PM] Christopher: please answer [3/23/13 8:08:27 PM] Christopher: mitchell wont be mean [3/23/13 8:08:30 PM] Christopher: i swear I have been pretty good friends with Mitchell. Now none of my friends will answer skype or real life calls. Please try to explain what might have happened.

Question by hmfoster    |  last reply

Why won't anything I download open up?

Anything I download will download to my computer but once I try to open the program, It half loads and then stops and then it doesn't close once i press the 'x' button e.g 'Skype' and 'Big fish games'. Why is this happening?

Question by nbustesku    |  last reply

USB-phone of perfect voice quality on sale

Our company has many kinds of USB Skype Phone. Each design das more than 10 colours.1 Without screen:100% digital timbre with high quality, the same as PSTN2 U-disk: inside 128M U-dsik. It can be changed as the clients wish, save the charge of another U-disk take the files and phone with you, small and convenient.3 LCM:128*64 LCM, it can show multi-language and information of calls wonderfully, has many designs4 LCD:640 LCD、support English display, each letter shows 5*5 dot matrix. Better than common LCD5 Earphone port:Beside common features, it can use earphone to answer the phone, let your hands free.6 Desktop:Has the speaker function, use as the normal telephone, can be used as the loudhailer of your PCUSB Phone is the communication equipment that connected to the USB port of the computer, through the Internet; make a PC-to-PC call or a PC-to-phone call by Skype or other software. It offers high voice quality and cheap cost for the clients. It can call other PC or PSTN like common phones, or can be used as audio-device of PC or other voice massager software. It has special design as a mobile phone, used as a mobile phone, more convenient for making a call.Compare with common phones, USB phones don’t use the PSTN but the Internet. In the WAN, you can keep in touch with your families, friends, or clients, if you have a USB phone. When you communication with you Skype members, it is for free at all.Linkman:EricaSkype: erica888wQQ: 541006495MSN: c888160@hotmail.comTel: +86-755-27918959, 26626155,22015114LEAD TECHNOLOG DEVELOPMENT CO.,

Topic by cobbyzhou  

How do I make a microphone for the iPod touch.?

Does anyone know how to make a mic for the iPod touch? I downloaded skype but I do not want to spend 80 dollars on the one from apple. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Miiwii3

Question by miiwii3    |  last reply

Host a chat bot at home?

We've all seen those little bots in various chat services, like Kik, Skype, Messenger, etc... I want to make one, but insted of using an existing service on the Internet to host it, could I use an old computer or a Raspberry Pi? 

Topic by Dashing Rainbow Dash    |  last reply

USB phone

After finding out that my "high speed" satellite connection was only on down speed I now have 2 usb phones that I originally bought for Skype. What can I do with them now? Do I just throw them away? Does someone else want them?

Topic by dhotrum    |  last reply

Instructables podcast?

So I know this idea has been floating around for a while. I want to try to put this into action.However, in here I will be telling you guys what I plan to do... I know killerjackalope, =smart=, and others were doing this. This is only a proposal, in part with them...? Well, for the show. I can be one of the host. That's right, only one. Along with a few 'regulars' and the Instructables crew. Then, we'd let the viewers, and community do this,too. We'd get everyone to videotape a small portion, or segment, of the show. Then get someone, with nice video editing skills, to blend it all together. So tell me what you think?Eric said yes. We are allowed to move forward.Everyday you can email me at, im me at mg0930mg on aim, or reach me on skype at mikeyg0930Where are the meetings held? Skype. Download it hereWhens the next meeting? or meeting schedule? On Wendsday, 6 p.m. est on skype. The one after will be on Friday, 7 p.m. est. Email me if you can't make it.Will the podcast be weekly or monthly? It will most likely be monthly,for now. Maybe, we can have our first one out near Christmas time.Who minds if their face is on camera? W'burg.Who can help edit this? No one?Know anyone who wants to help? Tell them.

Topic by mg0930mg    |  last reply

DIY digital camera to web cam

Hi guys. I want to use my digital camera as a web camera so I can skype. I saw all these adaptors online but I was wondering if it was possible to make a DIY adaptor. Any ideas? I kind of on budget. :) I think there is some kind of circuit.

Topic by TobaTobias    |  last reply

Creating a design team

Hello I am mrmimosizer  I am starting a group to make games with as it has always been a passion for me to do so. I already have 5 story ideas written down and am starting to learn programming and could use people to help make the dream a reality. To contact me  skype: mrmimosizer

Topic by mrmimosizer  

Want to join your sports authors team! [Sports Blogger]

Hi I am Hassaan Khan, sports blogger and content writer. I want to join instructables sports writers team. I have expertise in other writing fields as well. Contact on email to get time on skype! Hassaan Ali khan

Topic by hassaankhan    |  last reply

Looking for people to create a videogame

Hi :D we are looking for some people to create an FPS multiplayer videogame together. If you want to help us you must install UDK and learn it. We are looking for level designer, animators an so on... Please contact me if you are interested and i'll give you all the info about the project. Also on Skype: RigaZh (fabio_rigamonti)

Topic by fabioriga