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phone unblocking

Hi folks. i'm looking for instructions & codes for unblocking a LG viewity gt400 on vodafone. can anyone help ? thanks if you can & if you can't don't worry be happy.

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unblock sites at school?

What sites can i got to to unblock sites

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Is there any unblocked proxies sites that you know of ?

I'm just a student who wants no.. NEEDS a proxy site where you can go on social networking sites with javascript turned on  

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How to unblock websites on an eMac computer?

I realy waould like to check something on this one website but i can't check cuz its blocked...... its not bad or anything  

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...Can anyone tell me how to unblock websense at my workplace????

....Is there any program or something that I can use to unblock this annoying thing??? Websense blocks almost everything fun on the internet!!! Please help me out.

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changing admins password

Ok i was wonding if it would be possible to change the admin's password using cmd being run as administrator (net user administrator *) then signing in with that account then going to control panel internet options and unblocking it that is my idea but would this be safe and can you even sign in with the admins account on your laptop

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Need help?

Ok i made a unblocker program from the site but im just wondering wether anybody could make me a script i can put b4 it so that they have to put in a acess code and if they get it wrong the program locks itself (if the lock bit is possible then plz do it if not it doesnt matter) Thanks in advance leo

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How do you unblock a picture, accidentally blocked when making instructable?

I was in the middle of making an instructable, and, i accidentally right clicked and hit the button that said "block images from img.instructables..."  I tried everything i could think of.  I didn't save, I deleted the step with the picture on it, and i even restarted the computer.  What should I do?

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how do u get to sites that are block at school?

Everything i tired so far it block

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how do i get on facebook at home?

How do i unblock facebook or myspace while i am at home on the school computers?

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I'm back

Hey all, ive recently had trouble with instructables, when my dad did an IP block he typed it in wrong, and unluckily it was instructables' IP. I finally figured out the problem and unblocked it, so now i can get on again, I'll get to work on making instructions for gorkem's sniper rifle soon, as well as my AUG.

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How to unlock a concord phone that is locked with number password

We bought this phone thru eBay the guy said it was unlocked but of course it's not.  So my bf has been searching sites for any and  all apps or downloads that would maybe help me open this phone and and use it with our home internet.  Does anyone know how to do this?

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School Computer Blocked Sites (Macs)

Yes, yes, I know. There are many ways to unblock a website, but most are for Windows machines, not Macs. My whole school has Macintosh computers, therefore none of the CMD prompts work for me.Any Ideas on how to get around this business?Specs of the computers:The school computers are OS XEach computer is a G5I have next to no computer h4xing skills.Firebert010 influenced me so much with his background I used it, all credit of awesomeness goes to him.:D

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Instructable blocked at my school

Instructables is blocked at my school. I had it unblocked at one point, and since then it is again blocked. How do I convince the higher ups, principal and IT personnel, that this is a website that the school should be able to access. I teach at a school that teaches high school age students trades like welding, culinary arts, carpentry, graphic design, automotive technology, machine tool, metal fab, masonry, business, nursing, agriculture, and cosmetology. I think I hit all the classes. Instructables would be a great site for students or classes to showcase their work. Suggestions? 

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Laptop turn on block while not on AC power Answered

My mom doesn't like to plug in MY laptop, so it always discharges. (Today she even forgot the charger at work. that's why I wrote this question on her old desktop computer) Is there anything that could block it from turning on while not on AC power? And a secret to unblock it. Scenario: You turn on the laptop (which is on battery power), a message telling you to plug it in appears, you can't do anything with it. You plug it in, or type a password, the message disappears and you can continue your work normally.

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Minor flood - Check your overflows ! ! !

   Just had a minor disaster here - Water dribbling through from the roof into the airing cupboard because the float valve on the hot water tank had stuck and the overflow pipe to the outside was blocked.  Rapid turning on of hot tap and leaning suicidally out of the window with a length of stiff copper wire to unblock the pipe averted a worse situation. The overflow appeared to be blocked with mud, and this is not the first time it happened.  Some years ago this happened in daylight and I could see the pipe was also full of mud and small pieces of stick.  I suspect that some insect - possibly a bee - had been nesting there.  Order of the day tomorrow is to put a one-way flap type arrangement over the overflow to stop it happening again. But this has also reminded me it's time to make some safer accommodation for bees, ladybirds etc for overwintering.  I'll be knocking up something like THIS tomorrow and maybe they'll leave my plumbing alone!

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Your site is blocked from my school district

I am a middle school teacher and your site is blocked by my school district. I don't know all the criteria for blocking a site but the main guy replied to my request to get your site unblocked with, "The first thing I type in is sex and this is what came up." While I do believe in your rights to freedom of speech and I laughed at what came up, I have to think is it appropriate for a 1st grader? Yes the things that came up possibly should be taught to middle school kids so they know what is going on, but the things that came up don't have anything to do with my curriculum. However many other things from your site do have a lot to do with my curriculum and I think they will get kids interested in electronic and tinkering in general. Is there anyway to eliminate some of the questionable content or even have a copy of this site in a strictly PG version? Thank you,

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Rejoice! No more K' nex! - Greasemonkey Script - Now with Allsteps! - v1.0.0.0

I am currently focused on BUGS! Please, please, tell me about any little bug you might come across! Thanks!First, there was the Allsteps fixer...Then, there was human-readable URLS...Now... there aren't k'nex!Thanks to NachoMahma for hosting the scripts!VERSION: - Version one - now there's an instructable0.9.3.2 - Added tooltip, better update message, fixed one spot of "x" - Fixed Cookie Problem0.9.3.0 - Unblocking page: - Integrated Allsteps script0.9.1.3 - Works without ill effect on every page0.9.1.2 - Notifies user for update( skipped for tasteful purposes) - Works with older versions of GM by using cookies if need be0.9.0.1 - Safe for /forum* - Improved blocking, more default blacklist items0.8.9.0 - Ability to individually block items0.8.8.0 - Added whitelist0.8.7.1 - Changed the color to a light orange, it looks more visually pleasing, IMO0.8.7.0 - Changelog startedDownload it here!If you don't have greasemonkey... Click "Download Greasemonkey"If you are more pro-knex, then just use this script. It does not get version updates anymore.If you see any thing weird, please tell me!The script is fairly well commented, and it is fairly decent in terms of coding practices. With comments, its exactly 200 lines!

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How they steal your card at an ATM!!!

This is how they steal your credit card right in frot of your eyes! (Well, kinda)One surveillance camera in a bank in Italy has captured these images. They clearly show how easily you may be swindled out of your money, while banking at automatic teller (ATM)Read the process here, or just hover over the pictures for the explanation of what's happening:Pic 1- The camera shows someone routinely making a bank depositPic 2 - But what this person actually doing is inserting something in the machinePic 3 - To make sure that nobody catches him tampering with the machine, he has a friend outside to alert him.Pic 4 - Once the trap is set, the victim enters the bankPic 5 - He inserts the debit card into ATM, and it gets stuck there! The victim is surprised: "Weird, maybe this machine is broken?" He looks around for advice:Pic 6 - Luckily there is someone eager to help to get the card out. What "the helper" is actually after is the P.I.N. code:Pic 7 - "The Good Samaritan" convinces the victim to try to enter the code again (he may blame the faulty keypad, new type of the machine, or claim to know the "secret unblocking code", etc.)Pic 8 - However, the card remains stuck, no matter how many times he punches "Enter" or "Cancel". The exasperated victim leaves, realizing he will have to get his card from the bank later.Pic 9 - As soon as the victim is gone, "the helper" returns to retrieve the card from the machine. Now he's got both the card AND the P.I.N..Pic 10 - he withdraws the maximum amount of money from all accounts on the card, and leaves.How it happened: Pic 12 - The inserted "card trap" is just a piece of black film, which blends with black plastic of the ATM.Pic 13 - The trap is inserted into the slot, with the ends slightly sticking out and glued to the outside, for an easy withdrawal afterwards.Pic 14 - Once these ends are neatly glued in, it's nearly impossible to tell if there is any foreign object in the slot.Pic 15 - The trap film also has special notches, to ensure that the card is not ejected by the machine when the operation is canceled.Pic 16 - Once the victim is gone, the crook unglues the tips of the trap and "fishes out" the card.DO NOT FALL FOR THESE TRAPS!Never type your PIN in plain view of strangers.Be on guard, and share this information with your friends!

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