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A firmware acting as emulated storage when connected to a PC? Answered

Hi all, I am working on a project that involves firmware development for a micro controller based device.
For the device i want it that when i plug it into a PC's USB port it should interact with the PC's OS and mount the storage on the device as an emulated drive automatically. as it happens for example on some USB GSM modems, which, when plugged into the PC mount a drive where the modems driver and associated communication software is already present and ready to use.

Any help would greatly be appreciated.




2 years ago

I see you are a padawan learning programming and would recommend you use 'Real Basic' which compiles to assembly code to avoid the waggeries of the C language as a better alternative...


2 years ago

1. write a driver for your hardware and OS in question.
2. unless it is for your own private use you need to get the driver certified.

Only other option is to fall back onto hardware that already supports what you need.