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Can you frankenstein (combine) old computers together to make a faster and cheeper way to play games, if possible how? Answered

If someone has an instructible, is planning to post one, or has a link to a website on the subject please help my loptop is just getting old and i have two cpu's laying around could i put them together to make a faster one.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Depends on how old. Game play with two desktop units you rig one as a super fast video even using an accelerator card. And run your game on the one you can push the CPU clock speed the most without burning the processor. If you are good with sadw you can also have the display unit handle some of the tedious repetative actions for you.
Then go play, have fast fun.


8 years ago

There was a recent question about this, and I'm going to give you the same answer: Look up "beowulf cluster". Yes, it is possible FOR SOME TASKS, WITH SPECIFIC PROGRAMMING, to combine computers to form a more powerful system. But it won't help you at all with standard software such as games.


8 years ago

. While it's possible to get two (or more) CPUs to work together:
1) There's a lot of overhead (hardware and software) involved to co-ordinate things.
2) For CPUs, communicating off-chip (talking to the co-ordinator and other CPUs) is very slow. That's one of the reasons you see more multi-core-processor than multi-CPU computers on desktops.
3) It's not a project for someone that has to ask such a general question.
4) It won't be cheap.

.  +1 to lemonie: upgrade the best machine you have.
.  Or buy a new machine - computers have gotten dirt cheap as of late.


8 years ago

The best way to get better gaming performance on the cheap is to invest in one machine, the newest one you have.
E.g. upgrade the GPU.



8 years ago

No, you can't combine two CPUs. You can only change your CPU if, as Hav0c said, the new one fits to your motherboard.
There are indeed motherboards with more than one CPU socket, but these aren't build in in common laptops.


8 years ago

it depends on your motherboards socket type and min/max processor speed