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Darex and SRD Drill Grinders Answered

I have an older Darex E-90 Drill Sharpener. We don't have anyone to run the machine, so we're getting rid of it and we don't want to store it! If you have a machine shop or just go through a lot of drill bits this could be a handy tool. It runs well and comes with a few accesories. New, these machines cost a little over $3000. Asking $1000 obo. I also have a SRD grinder. It's not as nice as the Darex one, but it too needs to find a new home because we don't use it. I think it's an 80-M, but it could be the 82-R Brand new the 80-M starts at a little over $1000. Here is the details from the tag: Type: NSE-34 No: D1301306 Volts: 115 Amp: 1.7 Hz: 60/pc Hp: 1/8 RPM: 5000 Duty: INT Ins: A C amb: 40 C Asking $400 obo for that one. They are located in Kent, WA if you want to come get them. We can ship UPS as well. $1200 for both if you really want two. Thanks~


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