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Does Frontline for dogs work? Answered

My husband just got 2 Mini Pins about 2 months ago. A couple of weeks later they have fleas. We have given the flea bathes and have bombed our house 4 times already and nothing is working. So I was wondering about how well frontline works and how long it takes to kill the fleas in your house. I need all the help I can get. Thank you




10 years ago

the ONLY product that i know works is ADVANTAGE. you can get it from calling 1-800 petmeds or goto petmeds.com After applying it to the dogs skin above the front shoulder/neck area, (where he cant lick it)... then after a couple days, the fleas will start to die. Since there are eggs in carpet and outdoors that are hatching every day, it will take a few weeks for them to all die. but nothing else works as well as ADVANTAGE in my opinion. I dont know about FRONTLINE.