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Extremely Slow Download for PDF documents Answered

Hello All,  I am having trouble when trying to access PDF documents with my pro membership.  I am trying to download the "How to make a custom library part in Eagle Cad-too.pdf" and I am getting about 700Bytes/Second download speeds (that is 700 Bytes, NotKbytes or Mbytes.  I haven't had one finish to be able to determine if the file does eventually come through intact or not.  Is there something I am doing wrong?  I don't have speed issues on any other site.  Most of the time I average 2-3Mbytes/second downloads



5 years ago

Thanks for letting us know. We're having difficulties with some
PDF's right now. It's going to take a few days to figure this weird bug
out, then fix. Check back again on this project in about a week.You may
notice this happening to a few other projects, but many other
Instructables will still work in PDF form.

Please refer to this Forum topic for updates:


5 years ago

(Can you move this to "Bugs"?)


5 years ago

I get a message that the web page is down when I tried to download a project using Instructables Pro. I have been getting this message for at least 2 weeks now.


Reply 5 years ago

This is the message I receive.

Instructables is experiencing technical difficulties!
We're terribly sorry about this and we're doing our best to fix it.
We'll be back online as soon as we can.

Please check our Twitter feed for updates as we have them!

While you wait here are some how-to projects:

If you continue to have issues, please email service@instructables.com with details and we will take a look.

On the upside, it is probably not velociraptors.

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