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Front page is broken Answered

The front page is broken.

First, words typed into the large search box come up backwards (can't upload screenshot due to "server maintenance").

Second, hitting the space bar whilst typing in the large search box takes you to the end of the front page.

So, trying to type in "cable reel" shows "elbac" in the search box, then you jump to the bottom of the page.

Third, the drop-down menus (Explore, Create etc) do not work on the front page.

(But, the small search box at the top of the front page is working)

This is not just on my home computer - Kitewife just phoned me to tell me that they were having this problem at her place of work (she was trying to show some colleagues some knitting techniques, I think.)



4 years ago

Sorry, folks. We have a homepage takeover running currently, but it appears that certain parts of the homepage break when the ad does not appear (either for International members, or those running adblock). We're currently testing a fix, which should go live today or tomorrow.

Sorry about that!


Reply 4 years ago

OK. I hardly ever use the front page myself, it was my wife that spotted it.

AFAIK, they don't use adblocks in her office, so it must be coz we're forrin.


4 years ago

Can reproduce most of the problems:

1) words in search box are reversed

2) hitting space bar takes you one screen down (as if the focus is not on the box but the page)

Explore, Create, Contests work, Community not (opens only if you slide
in sideways from Create but closes as soon as you move down into it)

Firefox 31, Win7 64bit


4 years ago

Can confirm the problems as well.