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Green Design Thrives on Cooperation and Hugs Answered

While there are LEED standards for architecture that are often brought into consideration, there isn't much in terms of product design. Many companies want the design for their widget to be done and quickly move on to production. In an effort to fight the good fight and get sustainable ideas in from the beginning, an agreement called the Designer's Accord has been established among designers.

Signers to the Designer's Accord agree to initiate dialogues about sustainability and carbon footprints with the companies who hire them. They also agree to educate their own staff about the importance of materials and design in production.

One of the big kickers here is that the signers also agree to share what they've learned about sustainable design with each other. While avoiding disclosing any secrets about the companies they work for, they plan on building a global knowledge base so that we can all be a bit greener a bit faster.

It's a noble concept and thousands from prominent firms and small companies have signed up. Time will tell if all of this will truly help out, but for now the project looks to be in the big group hug phase with many promises of glorious things to come.

Hopefully, they will.

The Designer's Accord
Business Week article about DA

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