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How do I build a twinkling LED display with a PIC? Answered

I'm looking to make something somewhat like this DIY LED Heart Display. All the leds are on, dimmed a little, and then a few brighten randomly and then they dim back down again. I'm using 12 LED's, an ATMega168 and little knowledge to go on (but I'm trying anyways). If anyone could help me with the source code, mostly configuring the pings, I'd be really grateful (or if someone could at least refer me to a tutorial on how to program IC's).


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9 years ago

Most micros PIC included can drive a single especially red LED directly
from a pin.
Have look at a stamp running a flag by PWM at slow basic speed.
What do you know of POV  persistence of vision.
Start with one red LED tied to a 100 ohm resistor tied to +5V.
Now, pull the line low for.. say 50 us then high for 50 us and repeat forever.
Your eyes see a reference bright LED
Now, pull the line low for 100 us and high for 50 us repeat forever.
Your eyes see a brighter LED that is POV.
That flag has white dots because the RED, GRN and BLU are being
individually turned on to create a White in your slow eye.